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PuffCo Peak Replacement Atomiser


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There aren’t many 420 lovers who have not heard of the PuffCo Peak, a water filtration electronic dabbing (herbal concentrates) vaporiser. It took the market by storm upon release and still holds its own amongst the myriad of vapes on the market today. I own a PuffCo and have thoroughly enjoyed using it. Each and every part of the PuffCo is built to the highest standards but a sad fact about almost all vaporisers is the need to replace parts from time to time, either due to breakage or the wear and tear of frequent use. There are 4 main parts that are easily replaceable with the PuffCo Peak; the glass, ceramic bowl, tethered carb cap or the atomiser.


The Peak Atomiser is highly engineered and is a thermal-style banger designed for optimal heat performance. PuffCo wanted to create the purest atomiser they could and have not used coils, glues, plastics or any fibres in construction. Within the atomiser sits a ceramic bowl that heats evenly and fast to efficiently vaporise your concentrates providing you with amazing flavour.

TIP: If you are completely disassembling the atomiser it comes apart into 3 pieces.


x1 Replacement PuffCo Peak Atomiser with included ceramic bowl.

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