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There aren’t many 420 lovers who have not heard of the PuffCo Peak, a water filtration electronic dabbing (herbal concentrates) vaporiser. It took the market by storm upon release and still holds its own amongst the myriad of vapes on the market today. I own a PuffCo and have thoroughly enjoyed using it. Each and every part of the PuffCo is built to the highest standards but a sad fact about almost all vaporisers is the need to replace parts from time to time, either due to breakage or the wear and tear of frequent use. There are 4 main parts that are easily replaceable with the PuffCo Peak; the glass, ceramic bowl, tethered carb cap or the atomiser.


Sitting within the Puffco Peak Atomiser (not Peak Pro) is a ceramic crucible, a bucket of sorts. This crucible is where your herbal material is placed for heating by the atomiser. Ceramic is very well known for its ability to evenly distribute heat and it offers superior flavour and fast heat up times. These ceramic bowls are removable and can be cleaned by your torch directly. But one day this will not be enough and new bowls are required and isn’t it lucky they come in a pack of 3!

TIP: Only compatible with the latest Peak atomizer. Ensure your atomizer has a ring on the bottom before purchase. NOT for use with the Peak Pro Atomiser.


X3 Puffco Peak Replacement Ceramic Bowls

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