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Puffco Peak Vaporiser


An electronic smart rig that effortlessly (and stylishly) vaporises wax/concentrates.

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Puffco is all about the concentrates, starting out a few years ago with pen style vaporisers that turned the market on its head. The Peak is their first foray into a portable E-rig, an electronic smart rig that effortlessly (and stylishly) vaporises wax/concentrates. There is a lot of hype around this unit and I was very excited when I finally got one of my own.

Design wise this is a beautiful vaporiser. Solid construction with hand blown custom glass and a rubberised base. Small and light, you shouldn’t have any problems with portability.

TIP: The Peak comes packaged within a specially crafted foam carry case. This case will keep your unit safe. Stash your Peak away when not in use or take it with you on your life’s travel.

Innovative and different to anything currently out there. This is a water filtration vaporiser, requiring you to fill the glass chamber with a small amount of water (Piece Water is brilliant as it saves on cleaning). The addition of water is not to be underestimated as it really helps to smooth out the flavour saving your throat from harsh hits.

The body of the Puffco Peak is divided into 2 easy to assemble sections. Both easily attach to the other. Slides in easily then stays nicely in place via a silicone ring. Placed correctly it won’t fall off when holding/passing the device.

  • Removeable glass mouthpiece and bubbler – This is where you place your water and where you will inhale from
  • Rubberised silicon black base – Atomiser that heats up to the pre-set temperature. Inside there is a removable/replaceable dish. Power button is located beneath the overhang on the front of the base.

As a “smart” vaporiser Puffco has included some very impressive feature such as;

4 unique heat settings The choice is yours. Beginner or expert, small or large load and big or small clouds. Choose your setting dependent on your situation. (See below for detail).
Sesh mode A setting that allows you to extend your session for social dabbing.
20 seconds (average) heat up time Some dab rigs can take up to 3 minutes and you spend more time waiting than dabbing.
Intelligent temperature calibration Automatically adjust heat time if it detects that the bowl is still hot. Helps to provide a more consistent experience during repeated use and sesh mode.
LED light band A band of light that around the silicone base will show you heat setting being used and battery indication.
Haptic feedback Vibrates when turned on and when ready for you to inhale.

2-hour charge time – not bad considering the power this device uses and is said to last around 30 dabs/hits till a recharge is required. Couldn’t really find any concrete evidence regarding mAh level (I wonder why?).

TIP: To check your battery life simply press the power button x3 times and the following colours will appear. Green 60-100%, Yellow 60-30% and Red 30-0%. If the light stays solid red that indicates that the Peak has overheated.

To use: Fully charge your Peak using the included USB Cable. Will flash white whilst charging. Familiarise yourself with the power button as all functions are accessed via this button.

  • Remove glass portion form the base and fill with water. Fill just up to the airholes
  • Replace the glass by aligning the inlet hole with the atomiser. Carefully push the front then the back of the glass into the base.
  • Turn on the device – hold power button for 3 second, will vibrate.
  • Single press power button to toggle through x4 heat settings
Blue – Low Small load – 230°C (approx)

This setting is all about flavour with least amount of power. Low vapour.

Green – Medium Medium load – 260°C (approx)

This setting brings a touch more power (+ clouds) a touch less flavour.

Red – High Large load – 288°C (approx)

This setting has less flavour, high power and plenty of cloud.

White – Peak Extra-large load – 315°C (approx)

This is the most powerful setting and focuses more on clouds than flavour.

  • Using a dab tool place your concentrate/wax directly into the base of the provided ceramic bowl.

TIP: Unlike conventional dab rigs you should place your material at the base and not along the walls of the bowl and you don’t heat pre-loading.

  • Place the carb cap over the bowl.
  • Now time to initiate warming. Double click the power button to start. Light will pulse to indicate heating and will vibrate and light will flash x3 when ready (20-25 seconds).
  • Inhale slow and gentle.
  • To end session press and hold the power button.

Quick power button recap…..

To turn device on Hold down power button for 3 seconds
Toggle through all 4 heat settings Single press of power button
To initiate warming Double click of the power button
To check battery life Press the power button x3 times
To enter into sesh mode Double click once vibrates post session
To end session Press and hold down the power button

What if you want to use Sesh mode? Sesh mode is all about making your Peak go further. It works to increase heat and extends your session by 15 seconds, allowing you to share your Peak around (or maybe you just want more for yourself – no judgement!). Your Peak will vibrate when it is starting to cool down and this is when you have the option of sesh mode. To initiate simply double click on the power button. Want more? Double click again and so on. Damn, you are hard-core!

To clean: The bowl of the Peak can get gunked up extremely easily and it is recommended that you use a cotton swab to clean out the bowl after each use (whilst still warm works best). This will drastically cut down your overall cleaning time.

Caution: DO Not get the base wet, all the electrics are housed in the base.

You all know I go on and on about cleaning your vaporiser properly. The Peak is not an exception and will require you to be meticulous. It is recommended that you do a deep clean every 20 or so uses.

TIP: It is very important you remove the glass prior to removing/reinserting the atomiser.

Isopropyl Alcohol (Iso) is now going to become one of your close friends. You may clean the carb cap and glass with Iso. Pipe cleaners works well to scrub away at stubborn build-up.

Rinse both well with water and set aside to dry

Atomiser can be cleaned either in place or can be removed. Iso on a cotton bud should suffice. Allow to dry/evaporate completely.

TIP: please don’t try to remove atomiser whilst it is still hot – allow to cool before handling.

Contains: x1 Puffco Peak, x1 Carry case, X1 Card cap, x1 Load tool, x2 Ceramic bowls, Cotton swabs and Micro-USB Charger.

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