Pulsar Freezable Glycerin 14mm Male Flower Bowl


I have stocked Pulsar for a while now with a variety of herbal vaporisers, one hitters and dab rigs on offer in my Bondi Vape Store. They appear to have been around for quite some time now and house over 1000 different products at their facility in North Carolina. Consummate vapers and smokers, they love to innovate and create products that exceed expectations.

It would be weird if my store did not sell flower bowls and I have been steadily increasing the range as more and more products pique my interest. Creating an eclectic mix of innovative products is my ultimate goal and I believe this Glycerin filled Bowl fits the brief exactly.


First thing you will notice is the vibrant colour of the liquid (glycerin) within. This may not sound exciting but it really is visually spectacular. The entire bowl is made from heavy duty borosilicate glass and is larger (in entirety) than most bowls in my herbal vape boutique. The actual cone portion where your herbal material resides is of a standard size and should provide moderate sized hits. The connection port is frosted for a tight fit and is male (14mm).  Finally, 2 glass protrusions (knobs) sit on either side of the glass for easy handling.

Measuring: 7cms tall and 3cms at its widest.


This glycerin filled design allows you to place the bowl into your freezer, just as you would an ice pack. The beauty of glycerin is that it does not turn solid when frozen and stays in a liquid form. This is pretty important as the glass would shatter if the internal liquid turned solid. So why would you want to freeze your bowl? 2 reasons really, both related to the experience you desire. Maybe you need extra cooling of your smoke for comfort or maybe you just like a unique experience. Either way this bowl will provide an extremely smooth and cool effect.


x1 Pulsar Freezable Glycerin Flower Bowl (14mm male)


  • Borosilicate Glass
  • For use with dry herbal material
  • Glycerin filled
  • Freezable
  • Frosted male port
  • 14mm connection

Blue, Green, Pink

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