Pulsar UFO Quartz Banger Carb Cap


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I have stocked Pulsar for a while now with a variety of herbal vaporisers, one hitters and dab rigs on offer in my Bondi Vape Store. They appear to have been around for quite some time now and house over 1000 different products at their facility in North Carolina. Consumate vapers and smokers, they love to innovate and create products that exceed expectations.

Carb caps have become a crucial tool in the world of concentrates vaping (dabbing), in particular low temperature dabbing. The lower the temperature the more flavour (terpenes) that can be expressed and the more comfortable the experience. Dabbing is a form of vaporising (convection heating) as you do not apply direct heat to your herbal material and your wax is heated via trapped heat. A carb caps job is to trap this heat.


It may be small, measuring in at 1.1” x 1.15” but this is a high-quality piece of glass. High heat handling Borosilicate Glass (Quartz) to be precise. Shaped like a UFO (hence the name), there is a roomy spherical bulge atop with a collar and a slim tube below. There is a hole at the apex of the bulge and a hole at the end of the small tube, and this is the airpath. The basic premise is that you place your carb cap upon the top of your banger once your herbal material within start bubbling away (is being heated). The carb cap will work to maintain the heat levels within the banger (creating a convection chamber) whilst the directional airflow (remember the 2 holes?) will create an oil swirling effect for effective vaporisation.

TIP: I recommend moving (swirling) around the carb cap during your inhalations to keep your herbal concentrates on the move for better heating effects.


  • x1 Pulsar Glass UFO Banger Carb Cap


  • For use with concentrates/thick oils
  • Size 1.1” tall x 1.15” wide (29mm)
  • Borosilicate Glass (Quartz)
  • UFO Shape
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