Qube 9ml Square Opaque Black Glass Jar


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Who doesnt love storage? Or maybe I am just a tad eccentric as I appreciate well thought out storage options, regardless of what is to be stored. Herbal concentrates are still not that common in Australia (as compared to dry herb) but I have definitely noticed the market changing over the past year. The legalisation of medicinal marijuana has impacted on the ways that people choose to consume their medication and my goal is supply them with the highest quality products I can source to help achieve their goals.

Quick lesson for those of you new to concentrates. A concentrate (or wax or dab) is basically a concentrated version of the original dry herbal material used. Various methods of extraction are used (C02, Isopropyl Alcohol, Butane and Rosin Press) to create a thick and resiny oil that contains a very intense level of active ingredient. If you are new to concentrates (AKA dabbing), I would take it nice and slow!


There are 2 types of storage containers that the majority of dabbers use: silicone or glass. Some are adamant about the non-stick benefits of silicone whilst others will use nothing except glass. I personally prefer glass and I now only use the Qube storage jars (truly)! These are quite unique jars and Qube are awaiting a patent for their design.

Made from High quality premium glass (interior), these black opaque jars are square with 6 flat edges. Why 6? Why not? And now you have 6 surfaces to label your contents or write a note. I am going to out myself and tell you that I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to open/close this jar! I felt a little stupid until I figured out that it was child proof (I had forgotten for some reason) and there is a technique to opening/closing the jars. It is actually quite easy once you do it correctly.

TIP: To open/close I recommend holding the Qube between both palms of your hands. Use your palm to rotate the cap.

Inside is very smooth glass and is the only round portion of this jar. 9ml of concentrate can be held within. The Qube is a fairly durable storage container and it will also be very easy to clean.


  • 3cm height of jar (+ lid)
  • 4cm x 4 cm square


X1 Black Child Proof Glass Interior 9ml Storage Jar


  • Heavy Quality Premium Glass
  • Square Design
  • 9ml storage
  • Patent Pending
  • Child Resistant Cap
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