Queen Bee Extractor 20 Replacement Filters by Honey Bee


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The Queen Bee Extractor is a simple oil extractor device that enables you to place herbal material within along with Butane Gas with the intention of creating a thick herbal concentrate. There are a few methods available to extract oil from herbal materials, one of the most popular involving the use of butane gas. A fairly simple method (in comparison) that is low on mess, intense odours and no heating is required.


Your oil/concentrate collects in the base of the Queen Bee as the extraction process takes place. This is where the filters make their appearance, capturing the extracted oil. X2 are provided when you purchase the Queen Bee Extractor, but you will need replacements pretty soon. And here they are – x20 replacement filters for you to use.


Use at your own risk. Liability is yours particularly if you misuse the product. This product is not intended for illegal use. Full instructions are provided with the Queen Bee Extractor so I will not go into any detail here. Please, please read the instructions carefully before use as there is an element of danger when using butane gas.

  • Do not smoke during the extraction
  • Do not extract near open flames or sparks, (i.e., boiler, furnace or wool sweater).
  • Do not remove the butane gas canister from the extractor until 30 seconds after the canister is empty.
  • Do not inhale the gas immediately.
  • Do not extract indoors without well-ventilated conditions.
  • Do not use wool sweaters or baggy clothing during the extraction.


X20 Queen Bee Extractor Replacement Filters

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