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BuzzNN, based out of Canada is the brand behind this oil extraction system. An interesting name for a brand! The Honey Bee Oil Extractor came first and then came along the Queen Bee Extractor. The Queen Bee Extractor is a simple oil extractor device that enables you to place herbal material within along with Butane Gas with the intention of creating a thick herbal concentrate. The Queen Bee Extractor is the new and larger version of the original Honey Bee Oil Extractor with the main difference the ability to hold more plant material within (3 times more). The shape has also been tweaked to now resemble a bullet of sorts.


Made from a special space-age, chemically resistant plastic and not from PVC like some of the cheaper imitations. It is important, for the sake of as pure an end product as possible, that you use materials that do not adulterate your herbal material during the process of extraction. You can easily clean your Queen Bee by placing within the dishwasher.

Measurements – 24cm tall and almost 7cms in diameter (at base and narrows towards top)


Extraction occurs when one wants to create concentrate (thick, resiny oil) from dry herbal material (buds or left-over dry material). There are a few methods of oil extraction from herbal materials, one of the most popular involving the use of butane gas. A fairly simple method (in comparison) that is low on mess, intense odours and no heating is required. This kit provides all you need to start (including filters) except herb and butane gas.


Use at your own risk. Liability is is yours particularly if you misuse the product. This product is not intended for illegal use. Full instructions are provided so I will not go into any detail here. Please, please read the instructions carefully before use as there is an element of danger when using butane gas.

  • Do not smoke during the extraction
  • Do not extract near open flames or sparks, (i.e., boiler, furnace or wool sweater).
  • Do not remove the butane gas canister from the extractor until 30 seconds after the canister is empty.
  • Do not inhale the gas immediately.
  • Do not extract indoors without well-ventilated conditions.
  • Do not use wool sweaters or baggy clothing during the extraction.


Dishwasher baby, dishwasher. Or by hand in warm soapy water if you are so inclined.


X1 Queen Bee Extractor Tube plus lid, x2 filters and instruction leaflet. You will be send one of the following colours – green, red or blue depending on levels of stock.


  • Made from space age special chemically resistant plastic
  • 3x more volume than the Honey Bee Extractor
  • 100% PVC Free
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