Randy’s Black Label 50mm Cleaning Brush


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Randy’s as a brand have been in the game since 1975, creating innovative products that they themselves wanted to use (kind of how I do things!). Creating everything from wired rolling papers to vaporiser cleaning fluids and many products in between. I currently stock a couple of herbal concentrates vaporisers from Randy’s and am now branching out to include many of their other products, starting with cleaning brushes!

All lovers of herbal vaping/smoking must also learn to embrace a cleaning ritual to keep their equipment/devices in pristine condition. The difference between a well maintained and cleaned device as opposed to a gunked up one cannot be overstated. Your health will be affected by the build-up that you may inhale over time.


All cleaning brushes from Randy’s Black Label are made of galvanised steel (handle) and nylon (bristles). A variety of sizes (both handle and bristles) are available, and I have tried to cover a few bases with the sizes that I have so far. This is what I would term a large size brush with bristles on the on larger side. The bristles at the very end of the brush fan out in quite a unique way enabling you to get into curves and around small bends with ease. The handle is also extra-long enabling you to reach areas further away.

  • Bristles = 50mm in width/101mm in length
  • Handle = 380mm in length (entire brush)

A great option for above average sized glass pieces with wide openings and big water chambers within. This is not a brush for small intricate cleaning jobs. Randy’s has a smaller one just for that purpose! Randy’s brushes are safe to use on almost all surfaces including glass, metal, ceramic, silicone and electronic components. Once used these brushes are incredibly easy to keep clean for your next use.


X1 Randy’s Black Label 50mm wide Galvanised Steel and Nylon Cleaning Brush


  • High Quality Cleaning Brush
  • Safe for most surfaces
  • Narrow bristles
  • Multi use
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