Randy’s Black Label Glass, Metal and Ceramic Cleaner 12oz


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Randy’s as a brand have been in the game since 1975, creating innovative products that they themselves wanted to use (kind of how I do things!). Creating everything from wired rolling papers to vaporiser cleaning fluids and many products in between. All lovers of herbal vaping/smoking must also learn to embrace a cleaning ritual to keep their equipment/devices in pristine condition. The difference between a well maintained and cleaned device as opposed to a gunked up one cannot be overstated. Your health will be affected by the build-up that you may inhale over time.


My go to cleaning regime for glassware has usually involved predominately 2 products: Isopropyl Alcohol (90%+) and high-quality Rock Salt. Both work fabulously well together with each performing its own unique function. One dissolves whilst the one abrades. Randy’s Black Label Cleaner works in a similar way. Instead of alcohol this is an acetone-based cleaning solution with granulated particles within.

Acetone?  = Acetone is not a form of alcohol but instead is a “ketone”. Acetone is a chemical solvent with a high evaporation rate. It is also considered to be a more powerful solvent than alcohol and is amazing on resin and gunk build up.

A 2-part cleaning solution in the one bottle that will effectively clean a myriad of gunked up products. Safe to use on all Glass, Metal and Ceramic surfaces with minimal effort on your part. As simple as shake and swirl for most instances. A short soak may also be required for serious gunk. Tiny, granulated particles within do all the hard work for you helping to loosen grime out of the most intricate of spaces. Think of them like an exfoliant, gently scrubbing away. Minimal effort and no actual scrubbing on your part is required.  


This cleaner will clean your smallest or your largest pieces with a couple of methods on offer.

  • Smaller pieces – Cones pieces, down stems, removable vaporiser parts, one hitters and any small pipes etc. You can clean these items within a small(ish) container or plastic bag, whichever will safely hold the item/s. Shake and swirl gently. Watch the gunk dissolve till you are satisfied. Not satisfied? Soak for up to 10 minutes and reassess. Extreme gunk may take a undetermined amount of time but for general cleaning the above should suffice.
  • Larger pieces – Water Pipes, Bubblers from herbal vaporisers, intricate percolation systems and large pipes/bubblers etc. Same process as above but without the container/bag as you pour the fluid within the piece. Block up as many openings as you can before you shake and swirl. Repeat as above till you are happy.

The last step is important rinse, rinse then rinse some more. Place aside for complete evaporation. Finished!


I’m a safety girl so I wouldn’t feel right not including warnings. Acetone solutions are extremely flammable (as is Alcohol) and should be used responsibly and with caution. Use within a well-ventilated room with no flames or sources of ignition nearby.  DO NOT drink or get any in your eyes. Thoroughly wash your hands after each use.


X1 355ml Randy’s Black Label Glass, Metal and Ceramic Cleaner


  • Official Randy’s Black Label product
  • Cleans multiple surfaces
  • 2-in-one cleaning solution
  • Contains granulated particles
  • Minimal effort
  • No scrubbing required
  • Quick on resin and goo
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