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I have been eyeing off some of the interesting vaporisers that Randy’s produces, and I finally took the plunge and brought this baby in. Randy’s as a brand have been in the game since 1975, creating innovative products that they themselves wanted to use (kind of how I do things!). Creating everything from wired rolling papers to vaporiser cleaning fluids and many products in between.

Created in 2017, the Pilot was a real game changer for Randy’s easily becoming their #1 best selling vaporiser. I can see why; the Pilot really performs and is so very easy to use and clean. The Pilot is a convenient, no nonsense concentrate vaporiser, as well as a Ceramic Chamber portable electric dab rig. So, kind of 2 in 1, I guess!

I love the look of the Pilot Concentrates Vaporiser, incredibly sleek and cool looking. A beautiful silver and glass creation. Small, discreet and very portable (5”), especially when only using the standard (shorter) mouthpiece. X2 glass mouthpieces are provided, both of different heights and uses. As the name implies this is a vaporiser for concentrates only. Dry herb and runny oils will not be appropriate. Just think of it as an affordable and portable pocket-sized rig.

The internal battery capacity stands at 1500mAh, providing up to 85 sessions per charge. Not bad! Unfortunately, no pass-through capability, so cannot vape whilst charging.

For variety, 2 different hand-blown glass mouthpieces are provided in this kit. The standard glass piece that is small in stature as well as an open top mouthpiece for direct access to the coil. The atomiser coil is a Ceramic Plate (baking design, not exposed) rated at 0.8Ω. See below for usage.

TIP: As the mouthpieces are both hand blown glass please try to be careful when handling them as they could break and make you very sad.

One of the coolest dabbing accessories that I have seen in a while is included in this kit. Essentially a dab tool/carb cap all in one. Well made and highly functional. So, you basically use one end (long pointy end) to load your concentrate then flip it around and insert the other end and voila, a carb cap! A very useful tool. The carb cap will only work when using the larger glass mouthpiece.

Another fantastic feature is the easy to load and clean no-splash ceramic dish. This really is a device designed by dabbers for dabbers – very functional. The no-splash Ceramic Dish heats up extremely quickly – 249°C (440°F) in just 4 seconds. Wow! With a top temperature of 449°C (840°F). For further safety the Pilot has a 20 second time protection for each press of the button. This is to avoid combustion and burning occurring.

To use: You will need to decide how and where you wish to vape. I highly recommend you use the smaller (standard) glass mouthpiece when vaping on the go. The larger size is more appropriate for at home use as it makes the unit a little top heavy (can fall easily) and wont fit into your pocket easily. Remember the glass is hand blown and on the thinner side. Both will bring you a slightly different effect so which you choose probably will come down to your personal preferences!

  • Standard Glass mouthpiece (on the go vaping) – Gently slide up the glass, rubberised rings will mean you need to slowly shimmy it up to remove. Once off you will have exposed the ceramic heating plate. Using the included dab tool place a small glob (rice sized) of your concentrate directly into the atomiser. Replace the standard glass mouthpiece. X5 clicks to turn on (LED light flashed 3 times), remember this vape heats up quite quickly! Press button and inhale. You may need to hold down the button for 10 or so seconds before you can inhale effectively.
  • Elongated Glass mouthpiece (electronic dab rig) – This piece stays in place atop the unit whilst loading as it is open top. Start by inhaling to create airflow and press the power button. Using the dab tool/carb cap load a small amount of concentrate directly onto the ceramic atomiser. Flip around your tool and use the carb cap to enclose the vapour within the glass whilst you continue to inhale. Remember the unit may be top heavy so be careful when standing upright to avoid breaking glass.

TIP: Better to load slow and small amounts at a time till you are accustomed to the Pilot. Please be careful to not touch the heating element directly after use to avoid burns.

To clean: Quite an easy unit to clean as the majority is glass. I recommend using a cotton swab to wipe the inner parts of the glass and wiping with a damp paper towel. But for those times when a simple clean won’t suffice, soaking both mouthpiece in Isopropyl Alcohol should deal with almost all gunk and resin build up. For exceptionally stubborn zones, especially within the tube of the elongated piece you can use bendy pipe cleaners to scrub the area (Hemper Tech Pipe Cleaner Bristles work well). Rinse well and dry thoroughly before using again.

To clean the heating element, unscrew the heating coil and use a cotton swab to wipe the inner part of the ceramic plate. Then wipe with a damp paper towel. The coil is ultimately replaceable and easily screws in and out for replacement.

Contains: x1 Pilot 1500mAh battery segment, x1 short glass mouthpiece, x1 open glass attachment, x1 No-Splash Ceramic chamber, x1 dab tool/carb cap, USB Charger, Rubber O-rings and Instruction manual.

Randy’s offers a 90-day warranty on this device from date of purchase (a lot depends on your usage and cleaning regime).



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