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I am a big proponent of keeping your glassware/vapes/accessories as clean as you can possibly get them. Not only because you deserve an optimal experience with each and every use, but it is also a way to keep yourself at your most healthiest (as healthy as you can be at least). Resolution (the brand) seem to agree with me and have set a goal of “destigmatizing an entire culture with cleanliness”. Founded in 2015 by industry pioneers with the mission of creating superior and innovative cleaning products for glass experts.


Because you value cleanliness and are on the hunt for the easiest systems on offer. Within the pack you will find 4 silicone caps (very stretchy) of varying sizes, all designed to cover over the openings of your glassware. There are 3 different uses for these innovative and reusable caps:

  • Cleaning – place cleaning solution within the piece and shake vigorously. The caps will stop any liquid escaping.
  • Carrying – makes your piece easily transportable and helps to prevent spills.
  • Odour Control – keeps the odour within your piece for when discretion is needed.

I have measured all 4 to give you idea of the size but please keep in mind that they stretch to cover larger diameters. In order from largest to smallest; 7cms, 4cms, 3cms and the smallest is 2cms in diameter.

TIP: These caps are considered to be a universal fit, meaning that it should fit most glass pieces. I agree unless it is a very large piece, I tested them on the widest bong (mouthpiece) that I sell (6cms wide) and found that they just fit (not perfectly though). Any larger and it would not be appropriate.


Regardless of why you are using the caps you will be using them in the same manner. To attach the caps, start by picking the appropriate size from the 3 on offer. For correct application think of socks and how you put them on your feet. The premise is the same for these caps. The caps should be completely dry before each usage.

  • Hold the cap with the flat top facing upwards (Resolution logo will be visible).
  • Stretch the cap over the opening and apply just as you would a sock.
  • Straighten and smooth out the cap for complete coverage.
  • Move on to the next cap and next opening.
  • Remove and clean for the next use


You will want to keep your caps clean and lucky you it is extremely easy! Warm soapy water should suffice for a thorough clean. Rinse and place aside to dry.


X4 Resolution Res Caps Silicone Caps (various sizes) BLACK IN COLOUR


  • 4 Caps provided (7/4/3/2cms)
  • Silicone
  • Reusable
  • Controls odour
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to clean
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