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I am a big proponent of keeping your glassware/vapes/accessories as clean as you can possibly get them. Not only because you deserve an optimal experience with each and every use, but it is also a way to keep yourself at your most healthiest (as healthy as you can be at least). Resolution (the brand) seem to agree with me and have set a goal of “destigmatizing an entire culture with cleanliness”. Founded in 2015 by industry pioneers with the mission of creating superior and innovative cleaning products for glass experts.


This nifty little kit incorporates all that you will need to keep your glass/pipes/rigs/bowls/downstems/tools/grinders/jars/hands/vaporisers/clothes clean and gunk-free. The consumption (smoking/vaping) of herbal material leaves behind quite the residue with resins deposited upon every inhalation. Resolution has thought of it all and placed everything required, from start to finish within this kit with the following included:

Res Gel

An all-natural clay-based cleaning solution to clean pretty much everything. Patented formula that is free of abrasive salts and are low in volatile organic compounds (VOC) making this solution safe for your lungs as well as the environment. Res Gel is also considered to be one of the speediest cleaning solutions (60 seconds!) in the industry and is reusable, saving you both time and money. Yes, you can reuse the solution to clean more that one piece! Unfortunately, Res Gel is not safe for use on acrylic or soft plastics.

Res Caps +

A product that I already sell on its own that I love! Within the pack you will find 4 silicone caps (very stretchy) of varying sizes, all designed to cover over the openings of your glassware. There are 3 different uses for these innovative and reusable caps.

  • Cleaning – place cleaning solution within the piece and shake vigorously. The caps will stop any liquid escaping.
  • Carrying – makes your piece easily transportable and helps to prevent spills.
  • Odour Control – keeps the odour within your piece for when discretion is needed.

I have measured all 4 to give you idea of the size but please keep in mind that they stretch to cover larger diameters. In order from largest to smallest; 7cms, 4cms, 3cms and the smallest is 2cms in diameter.

Resolution Cotton Swabs

High quality swabs that won’t unravel and leave little fibres behind. These swabs are superior to the standard variety that most people already own due to the attention to detail. One end narrows to a fine point enabling you to get into the smallest of corners whilst the other end is smooth and rounded to help mop up your gunk. Resolution have also pumped up the amount of cotton and each end is extra thick. Each stick is made from wood and not plastic.

Stick Brushes

Resolution wanted to include an appriopriate brush in this kit.  This brush is double ended with bristles on each end. A very skinny long brush that will work well to clean your smaller pieces such as down stems, bowls and pipes. A great option for when you need to get into tiny little out of the way spaces.  2 brushes are included in the kit.


Not going to explain this one but there is a sticker included!


  • X1 Resolution Res Cleaning Kit with the following included
  • X1 Res Gel
  • X1 Res Caps +
  • X1 Box of Resolution Cotton Swabs – 110 per box
  • X2 Stick Brushes
  • X1 Sticker


  • Complete Kit
  • Gel Glass Cleaner
  • Environmentally Safe
  • All Natural
  • Clay based cleanser
  • Control odour and spillage
  • Premium quality cotton swabs
  • Swab with pointed side for getting into the edges
  • Swab with Rounded side for mopping up
  • Swabs with extra large/thick cotton heads
  • Great for bowls/cones/vaporisers
  • Great for dab rigs/bangers
  • Double ended cleaning brush
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