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Any true 420 connoiseur will extol the virtues of clean glassware (pipe, bong, bangers, bowls, stems, cones etc), making the difference between a mind blowing or mediocre experience. Speak to a roomful of the above and you will get a wide myriad of cleaning remedies, some a little more beneficial/useful than the others. I, myself am constantly on the look out for new products that deliver what they promise.

One of the main reasons that I wanted this product was the absolute ease of use. If you can open a pouch, pour water and insert a glass piece into said pouch then you have mastered this product. The brand has quite a good reputation with a multitude of positive reviews. Thirdly, is the price. This pouch is reusable so at $10 I consider this to be a very economical way to keep your glass pristine. Please ignore the name as a pipe is only one of the vast array of products that this pouch can clean.

TIP: Can be used on glass, quartz, acrylic, plastic, silicone, metal and ceramic.

So, what is it made of? Wish I could give you a long-detailed list but all I could find was that it is an “All-natural plant based formula.”. Resremover is also water-soluble meaning that a simple rinse is all that is required to remove all reside with no smells or tastes remaining. I do know that there is no Isopropyl Alcohol or other harsh solvents included in this formula.

To use: Rip open the pouch, keep it upright so you dont spill the granular contents.

  • Fill with hot water to the fill line on the back of the pack.
  • Place your item (carefully to not burn yourself) to be cleaned within the pouch. Squeeze out the air if you need to increase the water line.
  • Seal the bag and place in an upright position to soak overnight. Shaking is not required.
  • Remove (carefully to not spill contents) your piece and rinse under warm water.
  • Place your piece aside to dry.
  • Ensure you have sealed the pouch properly and place somewhere safe (upright) for future re-use.

Contains: x1 Small Pouch of Resremover Cleaner


  • Easy, fuss free cleaning
  • All-natural plant based formula
  • Water soluble formula
  • No Isopropyl Alcohol or other harsh solvents
  • No agitation, shaking or stirring required
  • Cleans a wide range of materials
  • Reusable pouch
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