Revelry and Santa Cruz Shredder Collaboration Rolling Kit


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There have been some interesting collaborations in the 420 sphere lately, with many like-minded brands joining forces to create new and innovative products. Revelry Supply is a family of skaters, surfers and artists who like to focus on lifestyle, in particular the 420/medicinal lifestyle. Odour control bags are kind of their thing, with a vast array of options out there. As for Santa Cruz? The Shredder is their hero product, a grinder with a cult status. This is one interesting collaboration, 2 powerhouses (who are also neighbours) joining forces to showcase the best of what they do.


This is an all-in-one rolling kit and storage solution. Odour proof storage in a discrete form. A very good option for out and about adventures. All folded up this kit is very transportable and is quite flat, but it will not fit within a pocket unless you wear clothes for a giant. Nothing flashy (in or out) or any over-the-top designs to maintain stealth.

TIP: If odour control is very important to you then this is the technology for you.

The actual case is super durable and lockable (actual lock not provided). The fabric is water resistant with a leather accent upon the front. There is a strap encircling this case that clasps it all together with metal hardware. This strap can be adjusted to make this case smaller or to slightly increase the space within for bulky items. The zippers remind me of a wetsuit playing a major role in locking in odours.

Unclasp and unroll to expose the interior. It will open up flat with all areas spread out before you. There are technically 3 areas.

  • Area 1 – The left zone, Revelry logo and a zipper. This entire area is all about odour control storage. Unzip and you are still not inside, you will then encounter a very strong strip of Velcro. This is how Revelry likes to do things, creating odour control solutions that really do the job.
  • Area 2 – The middle zone with a hemp rolling tray is held in place via an elastic strap. Pretty much takes up the whole zone. This branded tray (Santa Cruz Shredder) is made entirely from super tough hemp! Black in colour, smooth in surface, raised walls and a notched-out corner. A great size for solo sessions.

Tray measuring: 19cmx x 14cms

  • Area 3 – The right zone, with a sleeve for rolling papers and a strap for a lighter or vape battery. A 2-piece Santa Cruz Shredder (herb grinder) sits in this area, held in place via 2 elastic straps. There is another zipper on this side, along the very edge and once again there is a strip of Velcro within to trap the odours.

Measuring: 21cms in length and 17cms wide when closed


  • X1 – Revelry & Santa Cruz Shredder Collaboration Rolling Kit Pouch
  • X1 Santa Cruz Shredder Small Hemp Rolling Tray
  • X1 Santa Cruz Shredder 2-piece Hemp Grinder


  • Very durable
  • Very high quality
  • Waterproof
  • Odour proof storage
  • 2 smell proof pockets
  • Locks odours within via zippers and velcro
  • Metal hardware
  • Genuine leather accents
  • Carbon Filter System
  • Lockable
  • Hemp Rolling Tray
  • Hemp 2-piece grinder
  • Rolling paper sleeve
  • Lighter holder
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