Roor Rice King Size Rolling Papers


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ROOR, an industry leader in the 420 sphere, a German brand well known for their high end smoking paraphernalia. The term “Glass innovators” is thrown around when ROOR is discussed and its not all hype. A connoisseur level brand that has quietly stood the test of time, evolving to include more and more accessories/products just like these rolling papers!

In an already oversaturated market, ROOR’s goal was to create amazing rolling papers that are clean burning (as clean as it can get obviously, will never actually be truly “clean” as you are smoking/combusting) and as tasteless as they can get. These premium level, all-natural papers also offer an even, smooth and exceptionally slow burn.


Produced in the Czech Republic using a special rice paper blend with a thin line of natural Arabic Gum used as the adhesive. These chemical-free papers are extremely thin and are nearly transparent. Rice papers are not as common as other material used (hemp, wood pulp etc) but they are gaining in popularity rather quickly.

So why rice? Generally premium level rice papers are very natural and are made from processed/pressed rice. On the whole they are some of the thinnest papers available on the market. Thinner papers are seen as a better choice in regard to harm minimisation, but you are still smoking so harm will be caused (sorry!). Flavour-wise rice papers will allow you to taste your herbal material without adulteration. There are negatives to all products and rice papers may not be a good option for those that struggle with rolling. Not a rule but the thinner the paper the less grip it will provide whilst rolling.

TIP: No chlorine is used in the production of any papers that ROOR produces. Yes, some other companies do use it.

Each pack contains 50 king sized leaves, and NO tips are provided.


X1 pack of ROOR King Size Rice Premium Rolling Papers – 50 leaves


  • King Sized
  • Rice blend
  • Natural Arabic Gum adhesive
  • Premium level papers
  • No chlorine used in production
  • “Clean” and smooth
  • Extremely thin
  • Minimal ash
  • Slow burn

**At We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws, you must be 18+ to purchase and nothing we stock is intended for use with any tobacco products.**

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