Rowll AIO King Size Rolling Papers/Filters/Tray and Grinder


Rolling paper kit, unbleached, high quality king sized papers plus more!

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Calling out to all my rolling connoisseurs! Hands down my favourite rolling paper kit. As soon as I saw them, I knew I had to have them and then I ordered a second shipment before the first even arrived! On every level this kit will enhance your rolling experience. Roll easily, smartly and cleanly wherever you may end up. I dare you to not be impressed!

Easiest way to describe it is to break it down into its individual parts……

  • Super sleek and styling magnetised case. Minimal design with a cool owl motif. Easily fits in a pocket/purse.
  • 32 classic unbleached, high quality king sized papers. No colours, no flavours and no burn additives. Designed to burn slow and pure with no after taste.
  • 32 pro filter tips. Slim yet firm and made from eco friendly materials. All filter tips have 3 dashed lines along one end for effortless rolling and a precise W shape each and every time.
  • Hidden behind the papers/filters is the Rowller. This is the bit that really impressed me! A strong and durable layer of recycled plastic with 8 lines of more than 100 razor sharp spikes (don’t worry you won’t shred your fingers!) to grind your herb to perfection. A grinder people!!
  • The rowller is located within the foldable tray area that collects your herb once ground and also cleverly works as a funnel when directing herb onto the paper.

Warning: Pull these papers out and you will be noticed. Keep them close though as odds are they will be stolen/borrowed!

Contains: x1 super cool AIO Rowll King size Rolling Kit

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