Rozy Pink 1¼ Size Rolling Papers and Pre-rolled Tips


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Rozy Papers are said to be the finest purveyors of pink pre-rolled cones and rolling papers. Transparent papers in a gorgeous shade of pink. They have a limited range all made from the finest european paper that they consciously source. Thin papers designed to slow burn. For those of you that like to purchase products from brands that also contribute back to society in a beneficial way then you too will love this brand. I will let Rozy speak for themselves with a direct quote….”Every Rozy product sold benefits breast cancer research. Finding a cure is baked into Rozy’s DNA, and all Rozy products are charitable products”. Now the pink colour makes so much sense!


Capacity = Up to 0.75g

This is a simple pack of rolling papers, with cardboard tips/filters included. 50 individual pink sheets along with 16 pre-rolled (pink of course) 7mm tips. Yep, you read correctly, the cardboard filters have already been formed into mini tubes for your convenience. All 16 are lines up one next to the other in a little drawer keeping them hidden and safe. Slide open the drawer whenever you require one. Why are there only 16 tips when there are 50 sheets? That I cannot answer and I dont recommend reusing them!

The soft pink shade is created using all natural dyes and an organic gum seal. Made with the finest European paper, these papers provide a smooth, clean and natural smoking experience.


  • x50 Official Rozy Pink 1 1/4 Sized Rolling Papers
  • x16 Pre-rolled Cardboard Tips – pink in colour and 7mm each


  • Rozy rolling papers
  • Fine European pink paper
  • Pink paper
  • 16 pre-rolled tips provided – cardboard 7mm
  • All natural dye
  • Smooth, Clean, Natural Smoking Experience
  • Capacity: Up to 0.75g each
  • Fine European Paper
  • Proudly Supporting the Fight Against Breast Cancer

**At We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws, you must be 18+ to purchase and nothing we stock is intended for use with any tobacco products.**

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