RYOT Glass 8” Traveller Matte Black Sandblasted Water Pipe


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RYOT has been on the scene from around the year 2000 and are a brand that focuses on clean and simple design. They offer quite a wide selection of products ranging from innovative odour proof storage solutions, one hitters and highly functional glassware. A brand that prides itself on creating modern lifestyle accessories by smokers (and vapers) for smokers (and vapers!). A quick perusal of their social media shows that they are a brand with a great love for the skateboard, they would fit in well with Bondi Beach then!


My very first RYOT Glass product and I am glad I chose to stock it. This water pipe stands at 8” tall and as this is Australia, I can tell you that this translates to 20.5cms in height. The name may give away the fact that this pipe has been designed with movement in mind. The size, durability as well as the inclusion of cork stoppers/base make this a great option for those that like to smoke on the go. The (diffused) downstem and flower bowl are also both removeable for safe passage.


The look of the Traveller is something that I have not encountered in a glass pipe before. Made from matte black heavy-duty glass that has then been blasted by sand to create a suede-like effect. When it first came in, I spent a lot of time touching and admiring it. The black suede effect is offset by the cork accents – 2 removable and I set in place.

  • Removable – x2 cork stoppers are provided for use whilst in transit or just to keep odours at bay. The larger one is to close off the mouthpiece portion whilst the smaller one shuts off the downstem insertion point (downstem must be removed first though!).
  • Set in place – the base of the water pipe is lined with soft cork enabling you to place it on surfaces without worrying about scratches or accidental slips.

The included flower bowl (14” male connection) slips easily in and out of the downstem (frosted connection) and is the same black sandblasted glass as the body of the water pipe. This pipe also features RYOT’s signature smoke ware design of a clipper-sized bowl for easy packing.


A black glass downstem is provided, measuring in at 10cms from end to end. Made from the same black glass just without the sandblasting (is shiny). The top of the stem is frosted to enable a tight fitting joint when in place. So, what exactly is a diffuser downstem? A downstem is generally a longish tube with a hole on each end, one for the bowl to be inserted into and one which sits within the water chamber allowing for the movement of smoke through the water below. A diffuser downstem takes things a little further with the inclusion of parallel slits (6 in total) at the base of the tube. In a nutshell, these slits will enable your one large smoke bubble to break down into a myriad of smaller bubbles. Many bubbles equal an increased surface area for increased cooling and a smoother/cleaner experience.


First step is to fill with water. Each person I speak to tends to have their own preferred water level so I will only recommend that you do not overfill and that you have enough water to completely cover the diffuser slits at the base of the downstem.

Roughly chop/grind up your material and place within the bowl. Don’t overpack. Light whilst inhaling.


X1 RYOT 8” Black Sandblasted glass Water Pipe, x1 Diffuser Downstem and x1 14” male Flower Bowl


  • Height: 8”/20.5cms
  • Black Sandblasted Thick Matte Glass
  • Soft Cork Base
  • x2 Cork Stoppers
  • Joint thickness: 14mm Female
  • x1 14mm flower bowl (male)
  • Diffuser downstem

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**

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