RYOT Wood GR8TR with Glass Jar and Wooden Top – Beech Wood


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RYOT has been on the scene from around the year 2000 and are a brand that focuses on clean and simple design. They offer quite a wide selection of products ranging from innovative odour proof storage, one hitters and highly functional glassware. A brand that prides itself on creating modern lifestyle accessories by smokers (and vapers) for smokers (and vapers!). A quick perusal of their social media shows that they are a brand with a great love for the skateboard, they would fit in well with Bondi Beach then!


Those of you that have perused my selection of grinders (in store on online) would have noticed that I also stock the Kannastor GR8TR range of grinders. Kannastor has a unique take on grinders with a patented modular system that allows you to customise your own grinder. They are also some of the most beautiful designs I have come across. RYOT has decided to build upon the Kannastor GR8TR legacy with this collaboration.

TIP: Customise this grinder by attaching any other RYOT Jar or other RYOT storage systems to the base.

Technically a 3-piece grinder with a wooden top lid, a wooden grinder body (+ teeth) and a glass storage jar. The lid and body have 2 magnets each and when they meet it is a pretty tight hold. You may need to turn the lid when closing to enable the magnets to meet but once they are in close proximity you can feel the magnetic pull and the lid effortlessly locks into place.

The fact that the grinder portion is all wooden, teeth included, may seem a little odd at first. Diamond(ish) shaped teeth are located on both pieces with 18 on the top and 13 on the bottom. These teeth will provide a course grind and your herbal material will then pass down into the glass jar beneath. Don’t be scared of the wooden teeth, they will provide a grind as good (if not better) than other materials commonly used. You can also clean the teeth as you would any other surface.

A tempered glass sealable jar attaches via a high-grade silicone seal.  This seal provides discretion by controlling odour whilst maintaining freshness. For a grinder this storage area is on the larger side, much more room than you should need. I tend to advise my customers to pre-grind only as much as is needed for immediate use. Annoying I know, but this is the only way to maintain potency for the long term.

An easy to use, innovative grinder that allows you to store and view the contents within.


X1 RYOT Wood GR8TR w/ Clear Jar Body and Beech Top


  • Quick Easy Access to your herbs
  • Magnetic Closure
  • Wooden grinder body and lid
  • Tempered Glass Jar
  • High-Grade Silicone Seal
  • Patents Pending
  • Craftsmanship Guarantee
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