RYOT X Helix Collaboration Taster Bat


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RYOT has been on the scene from around the year 2000 and are a brand that focuses on clean and simple design. They offer quite a wide selection of products ranging from innovative odour proof storage, one hitters and highly functional glassware. A brand that prides itself on creating modern lifestyle accessories by smokers (and vapers) for smokers (and vapers!). A quick perusal of their social media shows that they are a brand with a great love for the skateboard, they would fit in well with Bondi Beach then!


Definition time – a Taster Bat can also be termed as a one hitter or sometimes a chillum. Basically, one of the simplest forms of pipes, designed to hold a single hit (hence the name one hitter!). Generally made from glass (but not always) and are usually shaped like a simple straight tube with a bowl at one end and a mouthpiece at the other. Water is not used in these pipes, and they are primarily for those that like their hits (inhales) to be on the milder side.

This taster bat is made entirely from some pretty thick glass shaped into a tube that flares out at one end (a tapered bat). The entire pipe is quite petite and measures 8cms from top to bottom and I can almost entirely hide it in my palm (my hands are on the smaller side). There is a roll stop (protruding glass bulb) to stop it from rolling around the place, staying put wherever you place it. What looks like a carb on the side is actual the single Helix Venturi Outlet that works to create a spiraling tornado like effect within (more below).

The bowl is reinforced and designed for single usage. The base of the bowl is pinched (narrows) so you don’t inhale any actual plant material, just ensure your herbal material is not too fine (don’t overgrind). An easy bowl to pack as you can push the bowl down into a small pile of (prechopped) herbal material. Twist as you push down gently, and your bowl will fill itself.

TIP: Don’t overpack as it will affect the ease of the draw.


This is a collaborations and RYOT decided to incorporate a Helix Venturi System. Helix is all about enhancing the smoking experience via modified airflow. For Helix to work there needs to be a Venturi Outlet, one in this case. Your smoke will swirl around just like a helix, hence the name.

The choke poke coupled with the single Venturi Outlet produces the Helix effect with smoothness and exceptional flavour as results. Anything that requires smoke to travel further along before reaching your lips (elongated pathway via swirling) will make the experience a more pleasurable one. It’s pretty cool visually too.

This is a great option for those that like smaller rips, are beginners, require less harshness or need an easy to carry/portable/durable pipe.


X1 all glass RYOT Helix Collaboration Taster Bat


  • Official RYOT product
  • Easy to Handle
  • Size: 12mm x 80mm
  • Single Helix Venturi Inlet
  • Unique Yet Classic Tapered Bat
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