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Samurai Blaze likes to develop “high quality smoking accessories for the modern day toker”, and exceeding expectations is their goal. Their experience as engineers, product designers coupled with a manufacturing background gives this brand an edge. On an interesting side note they also spend time creating positive and proactive content/news all revolving around the booming cannabis industry. True believers in the industry they also offer legal and financial assistance for start-ups and new endeavours. Bravo Samurai Blaze!


I sell quite a few varieties of pipe and just when I think I have enough stocked a new one catches my eye, and my plans must change. It has been quite interesting to watch the evolution of pipes (and water pipes) since the first day of opening my store. The emergence (and acceptance) of cannabis as medication has had a dramatic effect on the range of products being currently developed.

I chose this pipe primarily because it has metallic armour built around a full borosilicate glass interior. They call it an exoskeleton. Glass pipes are the most popular options that I sell due to their levels of purity. Pipes made from other inferior materials may affect the flavour of your herbal material. Some cheaper ones may even release toxins at certain levels of heat. Glass and ceramic and the 2 most trusted materials. The exoskeleton shell is precision milled from 6061-T6 Aluminium that is then coated with a specially developed matte anodized coating.

SIZE: 10cms from end to end and 5cms tall at the bowl end (tallest end).

TIP: Not your standard armour, and this pipe also includes shock absorbing gaskets and deep threads. Drop it and the shock will filter through the aluminium shell and then through the silicone shock absorber gaskets before finally reaching the glass. Any falls over 6ft may cause breakage though.

The glass interior is removable! Yep, you read right. The durable and high heat resistant glass slips out of its armour for a thorough clean.  The base of the pipe features a removable screw that opens for the purpose of easy cleaning or for future add-on accessories to be used.

TIP: The Sumo features a standard 10mm connection for dab nails and/or other accessories.

Lastly, I must touch on the design of the carb hole/holes. Almost all pipes have a crab hole somewhere along the body, this feature provides additional air flow. Samuarai Blaze has gone one better and they offer “Flow Selector Single Flow or Double Flow, Left and Right Carb screws”. What does this mean? They have placed a carb on each side of the pipe, just beneath the bowl. So now you have options, open one side for a standard experience or open both for a super-charged one!


x1 – Official Sumo Armor Pipe – Modular Smoke System


  • Compatible with dry herb and concentrates
  • Size 4.75”
  • Full Medical Grade Aluminium exoskeleton shell
  • Solid metal pipe with no metallic taste
  • Includes silicone shock absorbers gaskets
  • Deep Threading
  • Standard 10mm connection for dab nail usage
  • Full borosilicate glass inner pipe
  • Durable and heat resistant glass
  • Bottom opens for easy cleaning/maintenance
  • 2 carb hole options/removable side screws
  • 2-year warranty from the brand
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