Sci-Fi Glass Galaxy 9mm 18″ Etched Beaker


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Sci-Fi Glass, who are you? I have been unable to unearth any significant information on this brand, which is odd, but I have faith in this product. My first Sci-Fi Glass piece and I hope to expand soon. The design and durability won me over quite fast.


I personally love the design behind “beaker style” water pipes, crafted to resemble scientific laboratory beakers. They excite the science nerd within me! The base and height are 2 factors that identify a beaker. A larger (than usual) amount of water can also be used for extra filtration/percolation. A large portion of beakers will also provide you with an ice-pinch.  

  • The base is extra wide/flat for stability and due to the large size of the water chamber.
  • An extra-long neck for an extended pathway, with or without ice pinch.

The premise is quite simple, everything is larger/longer to enable more intensity. A large volume of water will further cool and filter your smoke resulting in a more comfortable experience. Larger rips are the main reason many buy a beaker style water pipe. The large internal space allows smoke to accumulate within for an almighty inhale. This is where the long neck and ice pinch play a role, providing an elongated pathway for smoke to pass through evenly. An ice pinch located at the junction between the water chamber and neck is an added comfort feature (more below).

TIP: My customers with coughing issues prefer this style of water pipe to all others.


Aesthetics first. This water pipe has been etched from top to bottom. The etching gives it a kind of Star Wars appeal in my (and a few customers) opinion. The design is not only visual but is extreme tactile. You can feel the etched-out lines running up and across the piece. Even the logo receives the same treatment. It really feels nice to hold. Only the outside of the glass is etched with smooth glass within for easy cleaning.

Measuring: Almost 45cms from top to base or 18”!!!

As with most beakers this one is very durable, and the glass is quite thick. The base houses the rather roomy water chamber so feel free to fill to your heart content but please do a deep practice inhale before any lighting/packing occurs. Minimal water can also be used but ensure you are at least covering the slits at the end of the down stem for percolation to occur. The down stem and included 14mm flower bowl are both removable pieces for cleaning/replacement. A diffusion down stem with 6 slits for percolation. At the very top is a very wide, flat and reinforced mouthpiece.

Joint size: 18.5mm (for down stem insertion). 45°angle.


At the top of the water chamber is the magical ice pinch, 3 thick glass prongs that extend out from the internal glass to meet (almost) in the middle. This creates an obstruction that works 2-fold. Its primary role is to enable you to insert chunks/columns of ice within the neck with the ice separated from the water chamber. This separation is important as there are then 2 zones for the smoke to pass through each offering a different level of comfort. The secondary role is to provide a level of anti-splash back effect, basically stopping you from getting your lips wet.

TIP: Dramatically lowering the temperature of smoke will make quite the difference for those that struggle with inhaling.


  • X1 Sci-Fi Glass Galaxy Beaker
  • X1 18.5mm Down Stem
  • X1 14mm Flower Bowl (male and with a handle)


  • Size: 18″ (45ish cms)
  • Made of Heavy-Duty Glass
  • 45°Ground Joint
  • Thick Beaker Base
  • Large Water Chamber
  • Tactile etched design
  • Ice Pinch
  • Frosted ports for airtight connection
  • Large wide reinforced mouthpiece
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