Scrubber Duckys Mini Eggs


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WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY WITHOUT OUTER MAGNETIC HANDLE (sold separately in the Scrubber Duckys starter kit).

More of my cleaning obsession, these mini eggs will work wonders on your glassware with minimal effort on your part!

This pack works upon the same premise as the Scrubber Duckys Starter Kit. Dual sided magnetised Eggs that are smaller than the original Scrubber Duckys. Each mini egg measures 9.5mm in size and will easily fit 14mm and even some 10mm down tube holes.

Both sides of these cute little magnetic eggs have been uniquely designed for different scrubbing applications and are made of scratch-free 100% natural fleece. Just like the original Scrubber Duckys you use the magnetic handle (not included) to guide the eggs through the glassware, all the while scrubbing as you go.

Use with Scrubber Duckys BATH WATER and warm water alternating rinsing for cleaning oily residue and for washing scrubbers after each cleaning.

Contains – 5 mini eggs

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