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Scrubber Duckys Starter Kit Version 3.0


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All new Super Scrubber Duckys™ Version 3.0

More of my cleaning obsession showing through with this range! Do you own intricate glassware that looks amazing due to the many nooks and crevices but is a nightmare to get completely clean? You will love this cute as a button Magnetic Water Pipe Scrubbers kit then! I have been selling version 2.0 for the passed 2 years now and was quite excited when version 3.0 arrived. All new and improved on a variety of levels but one thing remains the same – easy peasy cleaning of all your intricate glass.

5 little, various sized magnetic ducks/scrubbers (they actually look like real yellow ducks!) can be found within the compact carry box as well as the rubber coated magnetic handle (double strength magnets). I always found the magnets on the 2.0 to be pretty strong and these are said to be even stronger ensuring your little ducks follow your every instruction perfectly.

3 sizes provided (and each can be modified by cutting them down to create a perfect size)

  • X2 Duckys – 14.5mm
  • X2 Mini eggs – 9.5mm x 7mm
  • X1 Micro Egg – 4mm x 3mm

To use: You simply insert a duck into your (empty) glassware. The magnetic handle is then used on the outside of the glass to guide the abrasive ducks towards any grime/build up. As each duck is double sided you just flip them to the other side and continue (fun to watch the flip!). All parts are scratch resistant to glass. If you have ever cleaned a fish tank, it is basically the same process on a smaller scale.

To clean: Scrubber Duckys are washable, so you can reuse them over and over. Each Duck can also be cut into smaller sizes if needed. To clean simply alternate rinsing your dirty duck with Scrubber Duckys Bath Water (sold separately) and then under hot water.

Contains: x1 small metal carry case, x2 Duckys, x2 Mini Eggs, x1 Micro egg and x1 rubber coated, heavy duty magnetic outer hand


  • New Version (3.0)
  • Scratch resistant to glass
  • Double strength magnets
  • Ducky Size – 14.5mm
  • Mini egg size – 9.5mm x 7mm
  • Micro egg size – 4mm x 3mm
  • Works on water pipes, wine decanters, vases, baby bottles and whatever else you think of
  • Ducky will fit most 18mm & some 15mm down-tube openings or larger
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