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Session Goods Water Pipe with Silicone Footer and Parts



My first foray into the world of Session Goods and I am pretty excited. A youngish brand founded in San Francisco. As per their website they seem to only have 2 varieties of glass pipes (the Session Bong and the Session Pipe). Both are elegant and simplistic in their design and each come with silicone accessories to keep your glass safe.


The Session Goods Waterpipe (AKA Bong) is as simple as a water pipe can get. And I don’t mean simple in terms of function, but in design. Think minimalism and you are on the right track. The sturdy borosilicate glass narrows as it reaches up to the angled mouthpiece. At the front of the piece (just beneath the mouthpiece and above the bowl) you will find an ergonomically designed notch for your fingers to rest in when in use. A silicone footer indicates the water line and protects the glass. Session Goods have really thought of everything!

Just in case you are not impressed yet I should let you know that Session Goods really wants you to enjoy your session by providing you with not 1, but 2 downstems and bowls.


The silicone footer acts as a handy water-fill mark. Fill your water pipe with water (or Piece Water) and pack the bowl with your product. Light the product within the bowl. Once finished you should empty out the bowl for further use as needed.


Isopropyl Alcohol and Rock Salt are my go-to when cleaning any glassware. The Isopropyl works to dissolve resin whilst the salt has an abrasive action. Both together form a magical solution that can clean almost everything. Pour a small amount of both directly into the water pipe, close all openings (use your hands) and shake/swirl the solution around. Rinse well with warm water when done and allow to air dry before use.


  • x1 Session Goods Water Pipe with silicone footer,
  • x2 16m down stems
  • x2 10mm bowls


  • Dimensions: 84mm × 84mm × 256mm
  • Glass thickness: 4mm
  • Down stem size: 16mm
  • Bowl size: 10mm

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**


Blue, Blush PInk, Celery Green, Charcoal

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