Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers Gift Box


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Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers are pretty special, one-of-a-kind products that never fail to impress. The world’s most luxurious rolling paper experience (until they find a way to infuse them with diamonds at least!). The perfect product for a celebration of any sort or just because it is a Tuesday! I have stocked Shine Papers (Gold, White Gold and Blaze) from the very first day that I opened We are Lux and I plan to continue. I admire the brand as a whole particularly the amount of work they have put into creating perfectly consistent burning papers made with the perfect mix of 24k edible gold.


Apart from making you the star of the party, Shine 24K Gold Papers are designed to burn extremely slowly (a massive plus) as well as ashing flecks of gold (another quite interesting plus). Yep, you read correctly each and every time that you ash there will be little bits of gold left behind within your ashtray. Beneath the gold these papers are made with a hemp blend base for the smoothest burn and exceptional flavour.

This is an interesting little kit, with 3 products within a beautiful black foam lined box. A kit designed to immerse you (or the gift recipient) into the wonderous world of Shine. Whether you like to roll your own or like a ready made cone to fill, Shine has provided you with both. A king sized pre-rolled 24K edible gold cone (with filter in place) comes complete in a Shine branded (reusable) storage Tube. A packing tool is also provided. For those times when you want to roll your own, this kit provides you with 2 of their original 1¼ size rolling papers. These rolling papers have a cult status amongst connoisseurs. Lastly a Bic lighter is supplied stamped with the Shine logo.


  • X1 King Size 24k Gold Cone (pre-rolled in a storage tube)
  • X2 1¼ sized 24k Gold Papers
  • X1 Shine Bic Lighter
  • X1 Foam lined storage box
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