Shine Blaze Hemp King Size Pre-rolled Cones 3 Pack


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There aren’t many that have not heard of Shine Rolling Papers. I have been selling their Gold/White Gold Rolling Papers for a while now and I personally love them. All eyes in the room will swing in your direction whenever you pull out on their mind-blowing 24K Gold papers. True rolling royalty in my opinion. Blaze is everything you (and I) love without the gold. A more subtle rolling paper with no compromise on the high-end quality that Shine always provides. These papers are translucent, basically almost see through. Don’t be fooled though, these papers are not delicate but are extremely durable.


I get it, not everyone is adept at or can even be bothered to roll. These same individuals also tend to appreciate an expertly rolled end product, so a dilemma then. For this reason I try to bring in a wide variety of pre-rolled cones in a myriad of materials/thicknesses/sizes to cover as many bases as possible. One thing is for sure, it has to be a pretty pure (as pure as possible obviously) rolling paper before I decide to stock it.

As natural as you can get, these papers are made of Hemp but with one major point of difference. Most Hemp rolling papers on the market today have a strong flavour that may impact on the overall taste of your rolled creation. Blaze papers have been formulated to maintain a mild clean flavour allowing you to experience your herb in all it’s glory! And one more added bonus is the fact that these papers are formulated to be slow burning allowing you to enjoy your herb for longer. Win all round, no? 3 pre-rolled King sized pure Hemp Cones are provided and all sit nested within each other inside a hard reusable storage tube (imprinted with the Blaze logo). I really love the tube, it is massive and has a screw on/off lid which should add a level of odour control. A packing tool is also provided within.


  • X 1 Reusable Blaze Tube filled with
  • x3 King Sized Hemp Pre-rolled Cones
  • x1 Packing Tool


  • Blaze Hemp Rolling Papers is built for connoisseurs that want to taste what’s inside when you roll up.
  • Everything you love about Shine, without the gold.
  • Super thin, hemp blend paper that is the slowest burning, cleanest tasting paper.
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