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I answer a lot of questions in-store regarding dabbing; what is it, how do you do it, what can I use and where can I get it (the last one I cannot help you with, unfortunately!). Dabbing is the consumption (smoking/vaping) of herbal concentrates. Dabs can be further divided into 2 categories (wax or shatter) depending on their method of extraction. So much more I could tell you but come see me in store and we can talk.

Caution: Please be cautious when entering into the world of dabbing, it is called a concentrate for a reason – because it is intensely concentrated and is an experience like no other.


It requires a good set of tools. Dabs are incredibly sticky to work with and will adhere to anything they touch. Glass, metals and silicone are my recommendations for dabbing accessories as they are all quite heat resistant. I have been eyeing up Skilletools since before I opened my store. They really impressed me then (over 2 years ago) and I haven’t changed my mind since! The quality of their products is exemplary with a large myriad to choose from. Each tool just a little different to the last to cover every single possible need that you may have.

The Scoop Dogg is a double ended dab tool with a modified end on each side. One end taper down to an angled point, whilst the other tapers into a scoop (hence the name!). This is an extremely hard wearing and durable tool that provides you with 2 unique functions and will work well with either soft (wax) or hard substances (shatter).


Remove from package and add to your collection of quality dab tools. When required to dispense your dab simply dip/scoop the product and transfer to your dab rig/vape.


Use either an alcohol wipe or Isopropyl Alcohol on a cotton swab to dissolve any built-up resin/gunk. Allow to air dry before use.


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