Skull w/ Crown (Super Large Bowl) 14mm


Sometimes you just want to show off or maybe you like to buy eccentric gifts for your friends either way I try to provide the goods for you! This is a crazy-intense looking flower bowl for your water bubbler/pipe. And I am not understating it, the absolute largest bowl that I have ever seen, truly! It is almost comical.


The glass bowl is shaped like a human skull and there are options in colour. Atop the skull is a massive crown so I am guessing this is the skull of a king or queen! The interior will hold many many grams of herbal material (or almost a ping pong ball!) and I am guessing that there are not many with enough lung capacity to actual finish a complete bowl in one go.

The connection is male, has a diameter of 14mm and a frosted port for a solid connection.

Measuring: 9cms tall and 4cms wide (widest point)


x1 crazy big Glass Coloured Skull with Crown 14mm male Flower Bowl (the blue option is almost all blue whilst the amber option is mostly clear)


  • Tough glass
  • Skull design
  • Clear glass Crown
  • 14mm male connection
  • Frosted port

Amber, Blue

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