Smoke Odor Exterminator for the car – Creamy Vanilla


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For many of my customers odour control is paramount to their enjoyment of their favourite herbal material and they have tried a myriad of “interesting ways” to mask any odours. I feel their pain and have searched high and low for products to help combat this issue and sell a wide range of goods including the SmokeBuddy, Wild Berry Incence and a variety of candles. Not all odour control products work alike with some simply masking the odour via fragrance whilst others work on a molecular level to effectively destroy the odour (like this product).

Sometimes you just can’t use a candle (or incense), either due to safety or for other reasons which is why I decided to include an option for your car. I have many customers who use their car as their smoking den, obviously not whilst in motion but when parked and please don’t drive directly after either! This brings about a certain need for discretion, keeping in mind that opening a window later on won’t suffice, as smoke clings to just about everything.


Just like all the candles in the Smoke Odor Exterminator range this product works to destroy odours at a molecular level. Please do not expect your standard car air freshener that you dangle from your rearview mirror even though they look similar. Other car air fresheners use fragrance (usually artifical) and other chemicals to “mask” odours, these can be harsh/unsafe especially if used repetitively. And let’s be honest they never really remove the odour, just cover it for a period of time.

Smoke Odor Exterminator for your car DOES NOT mask odours but works on a molecular level to break apart chemical bonds of odour molecules. This occurs via natural odour neutralising enzymes and works in the following way

  • Released enzymes are attracted to odour molecules in the air.
  • Bonds to the chemical compounds effectively breaking them down.
  • A new odourless compound is created.
  • The odour is gone!


Really intoxicating and intense. All whilst eliminating odour. Brilliant! The name pretty much gives away the aroma and upon opening the packet you will be immersed in a waft of rich and creamy vanilla. A very sweet-smelling aroma and if you tend towards vanilla based desserts then you will be obsessed with this scent.

TIP: You can periodically “refresh” the scent by snipping away from the bottom.


Cut open bag and pull product out a portion at a time over several weeks. Hang from your mirror. place in glove box, under a seat or in the boot. Just please do not allow to come into contact with the dashboard, upholstery or varnished surfaces.

CAUTION: Do not touch and then rub your eyes and please keep away from childern


x1 Smoke Odor Exterminator for the car


  • Enzyme-based odour elimination
  • No harsh/toxic chemicals
  • Effective against cigar, cigarette, 420 and pet odours
  • Safe for people, pets and the environment
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