Smokebuddy Mega


The original Smokebuddy. Keep your smoke to yourself.

Introducing the Smoke Buddy, by far, hands down our biggest seller across both our Vape and our Hydroponics Stores. Highly desirable amongst those that value discretion, safety or just can’t stand second hand smoke/vapour. Renters, hotel dwellers, those with nosy neighbours or who live at home with family all appreciate the benefits of this advanced personal air filtration system. Say goodbye to smelly furniture and clothes and hello to fresh air!

So how does it work? Smoke Buddy uses an internal system of filters and activated carbon to remove any lingering vapours, odour, tar, resin or other hydrocarbons. The activated carbon within Smoke Buddy features an extremely porous construction. These pores act as mini pathways for the smoke and vapour to travel through. A large number of pores also increases the surface area. This increased surface area allows the Smoke Buddy to be more effective at absorption while maintaining a small and portable form factor.

Activated carbon has been used for decades in various applications for its highly absorptive properties. It is often used when harmful toxins on contaminants need to be removed, such as in water filters. Active carbon also has been effectively used in the treatment of poison victims. It is trusted as a safe and natural way of removing toxins such as those found in smoke and vapour remnants. Smoke Buddy’s active carbon is a tried and tested method of discarding the contaminants in your smoke or vapor.

In the past some people used to create their own personal filtration devices (sploofs), with varying degrees of success. The solid construction of the Smoke Buddy makes it more durable than DIY sploofs and the integrated filter is better at removing smoke and odours. Another method used to neutralise odours is the usage of incense, air fresheners and candles. These never eliminate odours, they just add more odours to the equation. Smoke tends to linger for extended periods of time, so the smell will always return unless neutralised.

How to use: Incredibly easy to use, simply remove both the top and bottom caps and exhale directly into the Smoke Buddy. This is where the carbon steps in and performs its magic, capturing and eliminating the odour. Marvel as the clean filtered air comes out of the other end. Replace the caps between uses and repeat as needed!

Easy, easy, easy to clean. A damp cloth to wipe inside and out (especially the mouthpiece) and you are ready to go. Take note though that due to the carbon capture method used within Smoke Buddies, they each have a life span and will need to be replaced.

Smoke Buddy comes in 3 different sizes – Junior, Original and Mega. With the Mega designed with a filter twice as large as the Original.

Smoke Buddy Mega – Up to approximately 600 uses or more.


  • Make sure your lips form a tight connection with the mouthpiece, helping to prevent any smoke or odour escaping from the sides.
  • Occasionally, leave the caps off your Smoke Buddy to allow any excess moisture to evaporate (saliva etc).
  • When you find it difficult to exhale through the mouthpiece, it is time to replace your device!

Contains: x1 Mega Smoke Buddy and x1 Key ring with light

At We are Lux we do not advocate the breaking of any Australian laws. Please only smoke/vape what and where legally permissible.


Black, Green, White

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