Source Slim 4 Stainless Steel


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SourceVapes are known for their strong and sturdy manufacturing. Each unit feels very solid in the hand and feels/looks expensive. This unit has been designed with travel in mind with a hard case that holds all components in style. This Source Vaporiser wax pen has a life time no- hassle warranty on batteries as well as a 1 month warrant on atomisers. SourceVapes products are the only vape pens and portable eNails to use real Grade 1 & 2 TitaniumFood-Grade Ceramic, and Stainless Steel 303.

Designed for portability this device comes packed inside its own stylish travel case, and even has a built-in silicone container at the base of the battery! This vape pen is designed to be smaller than the Source Orb 4 – shorter and lighter and comes with 2 included atomisers (can take any series 4 atomisers if you want to get more).

There’s also an adjustable airflow ring towards the top of the mouthpiece which allows you to choose how much additional airflow you’d like. Subsequently, you can leave it all the way closed for a warmer, more concentrated vapour.

An easy to use device with 3 temperature settings. As with most vaporisers 5 button pushes will power on the unit and one push to vape when ready. 650mAh Battery capacity.

To use: Pull apart the atomiser base from the mouthpiece. Screw on the atomiser of your choice. Then use the provided wax tool to load a small amount of wax into the atomiser (be careful with the coils!) Replace the mouthpiece on top of the unit and then join onto the battery (screw on). Set your desired air flow intake by twisting. Power on and once the unit is ready you can set your desired heat setting (low, medium or high) by clicking the button sequentially 3 times.

  • Green – Low (2.6v – 3.2v)
  • Blue – Medium (3.2v – 3.7v)
  • Red – High (3.7v – 4.2v)

Once you have reached your desired temperature press and hold the power button inhale and enjoy!


          2x Different Atomisers

  • Quartz Coil-less SOURCE nail atomiser w/ Removable Buckets
  • Quartz Double Coil atomiser
  • Stainless Steel 303 build
  • Easy-to-Pull Loading
  • 2nd Gen. Variable Airflow System (VAS) w/ 5 Settings
  • USA Lab-Certified 100% Real Grade 1 Titanium Coils (Purest Titanium!)
  • Works with 9x Different 4 Series atomizers
  • Only 4.7 inches tall
  • SOURCE volt mini battery w/ Built-in Silicone Container
  • 3 Temp Settings
  • Registered Patents
  • 510 Threaded
  • Lifetime no hassle warranty

Contains – Source Slim 4 650mAh battery with built in container, 2 atomisers (see below), cleaning cloth, dabbing tool, USB charger and a tough carry case

SOURCE Slim XL Travel Kit is compatible with 4 Series atomisers, but only 2 are included (*).

*Double Coil – Quartz (Included)

Huge Clouds with flavourful efficiency.

*SOURCE nail (10mm) – Quartz (Included)

Quartz Coil-less atomiser with a clean taste and easy to remove quartz bucket.

Single Coil – Quartz

Affordable option for small hits.

Double Coil – Black Ceramic

Low Temp hits. The material absorbs into the ceramic, then heats up slowly to deliver tasty hits.

Double Coil – White Ceramic

Affordable option for huge hits.

SOURCE nail (10mm) – Titanium

Titanium Coil-less atomiser with a clean taste and easy to remove titanium bucket.