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Source Vapes Bubbler 3 Premium Dab Kit


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Source Vapes are known for their strong and sturdy manufacturing. Each unit feels very solid in the hand and feels/looks expensive and this device is no exception. One sexy looking device! This Source Vaporiser has a life time no-hassle warranty on batteries as well as a 1 month warrant on atomisers. SourceVapes products are the only vape pens and portable eNails to use real Grade 1 & 2 Titanium, Food-Grade Ceramic, and Stainless Steel 303.

In my humble opinion this is not what I would consider a portable vaporiser. The high percentage of glass and top heaviness of the device leaves it open to breakage/shattering. A beautiful, clear and padded heavy-duty box is provided. Please use this case when transporting your device and be very careful when unboxing for use.

The Bubbler 3 is primarily a dabbing vaporiser that utilises the cooling factor of water filtration. A safe way to dab as no external heat source (such as a blow torch) is required to effectively vaporise your wax/concentrates. The device comes complete with a 650mAh Source Volt Nano battery. The base of this battery hides a surprise, a built in hidden (small) stash container whilst the top of the battery stick holds (threaded) your chosen atomiser.

The Source Volt Nano Battery (with atomiser attached) is inserted into one end of the percolator. Prior to insertion you can load your atomiser with your chosen product using the included dab tool (carefully!) The percolator itself is made entirely from heat resistant glass and provides a fairly long pathway for the vapour to travel from the atomiser to your mouth. Couple this with the addition of water and the result is cooler and smoother vapour for you to enjoy.

The Source Volt Battery is small in stature and allows you to choose between 3 voltage settings (2.6 – 4.2v) to set your chosen temperature. Each of the 3 options is easily accessible by pressing the fire button 3 times to toggle through the 3 colours

Green 2.6 – 3.2 volts
Blue 3.2 – 3.7 volts
Red 3.7 – 4.2 volts

A carb hole can be found approximately 6cm up from the battery component. Very easy to use and can help you produce big easy clouds. A Variable Airflow System is located just below the atomiser for further customisation.

4 atomisers are provided for your vaping pleasure in this kit. Each designed to bring you something different so make sure you experiment with them all!

3 Series Double Coil – Quartz Huge Clouds and very flavourful

Best voltage 3.7 – 4.2v (Red)

3 Series Double Coil – Black Ceramic Low temperature, slow heating tasty hits

Best voltage 3.7 – 4.2v (Red)

3 Series Double Coil – White Ceramic Affordable option for huge hits

Best voltage 3.7 – 4.2 (Red)

3 Series Source Terra – Coil-less Ceramic Doughnut Low temperature hits inside a Ceramic Cup

Best voltage 3.7 – 4.2 (Red)

To use: Gently remove the battery and slowly fill your bubbler with water (Piece water works very well) about 1/5 of the way (just above the 4 holes inside). Set the bubbler aside (lean it upright if possible).

Now it is time to choose which atomiser you wish to attach to the battery stick. Thread on the atomiser and using the included dabbing tool, carefully load your concentrate material directly onto the atomiser heater. Reinsert the battery into the bubbler. X5 clicks to turn on. Select your desired airflow by twisting till you reach your preference. X3 presses of the fire button will move you through each temperature (voltage) setting. Keep pressing till you reach the appropriate colour (see table above). Once all your preferences have been selected you are ready to vape. Press and hold the fire button whilst you slowly inhale (may need to wait a short period of time before inhaling– 2 – 4 seconds for temperature to be reached).

To clean: This is a vape that you definitely need a good set of cleaning tools for. The beautiful form of the Bubbler 3 unfortunately has a few twists and turns along it’s glass pathway. Cleaning is very important and not just an aesthetic requirement. The performance of wax vaporisers are directly related to the build-up of gunk located within, reducing your enjoyment. All 4 atomisers can be cleaned as can the glass body.

Atomisers – Unscrew your atomiser and submerge in Isopropyl Alcohol (at least 91% Iso) for a couple of hours. Shake out and place aside to dry overnight. Allow to dry completely.

Glass – Ensure the battery and/or atomisers are removed then blow gently into the mouthpiece to empty out the water. Fill the glass bubbler with Isopropyl Alcohol, cover both openings (and carb hole) and shake for approximately 5 minutes. Blow through the mouthpiece again to empty out the alcohol. Fill with water and shake again as before. Blow through the mouthpiece to remove the water. Repeat if necessary. For really stubborn gunk, Hemper tech Pipe Cleaners have tough bristles and can manoeuvre themselves into even the tightest corners.


  • Do not touch atomisers directly after use. They are HOT.
  • Keep away from children and pets.
  • Don’t overpack or pack the atomisers too tightly to ensure adequate airflow, even heating or to prevent overflow and leaking.
  • Between uses please wait 3 seconds before reactivating to not overstress your atomisers.
  • If no vapour is produced check that you have loaded your concentrate directly into the heating element. Take care with the loading tool making sure you don’t touch the coils as this may cause damage.
  • Don’t inhale too hard as this may lower the temperature inside the attachment

Contains:  x1 Source Bubbler 3 Percolator attachment, x1 Source volt nano Battery (650mah / 3 Temp Settings), x4 3 Series atomisers, x1 Premium Dab/loading Tool, x1 Travel Charger, x1 Silicone Container, x1 Microfibre Cleaning Cloth, x1 Large Fast Charge Charger

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