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Special Medicinal Recipes Shared From The Mother Earth Co-Op


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This is a serious cookbook, the kind that comes in a binder stuffed full of recipes and health advice. I really admire this book and what The Mother Earth Co-Op are trying to achieve. As a former naturopath I strongly believe that food can be used as a powerful source of medicine particularly when dealing with certain chronic conditions. Not necessarily as a cure but as an aid to help relieve/ease the condition.

This book begins with quite an extensive history of marijuana and its medicinal use over time. The reasons behind its prohibition are also explored and I found the level of research to be extremely extensive and I learnt quite a lot. It is obvious that this book was compiled with great passion and love for the almighty medicinal herb that is marijuana with recipes dating back to biblical times. I will directly quote from the book as to its purpose “to support patients; to find hope and alternatives, to ease the pain of their illness, to understand the history behind cannabis and to offer help and improved quality of life”. Bravo to them.

TIP: This book comes complete with its own book stand helping keep it open and upright as you cook. The stand stores conveniently within the binder when not in use.


Based in San Diego, Mother Earth Co-op has been treating medicinal marijuana patients since 2005. As their name implies, they are committed to presenting alternative solutions for healing that can be sourced from our Mother Earth. The Co-Op is made up of members and volunteers all offering a safe, compassionate and supportive environment for their patients. I would love to visit the Co-Op as I try to surround myself with people who are deeply passionate and work hard to break stereotypes.


420 recipes are provided, and that cant be a coincidence, can it??!! These therapeutic recipes come directly from their own medicinal kitchen and I wont even try to go into the different types of recipes on offer as they are so varied and unique with the following categories covered

  • Appetizers and Beverages
  • Soups and Salads
  • Vegetables and Side Dishes
  • Main Dishes
  • Breads and Rolls
  • Desserts
  • Cookies and Candy

I also love that at the end of each recipe they explain the medical benefits of that particular recipe and symptoms it may be effective on. The last portion of this cookbook focuses on providing recipes for specific symptoms such as “cure for cough’ or “herbal headache cure’ plus many more.

TIP: No one can promise you a cure unless they have evidence to back their claim. Please take care and don’t stop taking any medications until you speak to your Doctor.


So many parts of this book I could rave on about, but I have to give props to the extensive information they provide with regards to cannabis infusion. Starting with extraction/purification and ending with step by step instructions for creating a variety of tinctures, oils and cannabutters.

And just in case I haven’t impressed you yet, Mother Earth Co-Op stands by their ideals and proceeds from this unique cookbook will be donated to the following organisations: breast cancer, cancer, AIDS and HIV research, Mama’s Kitchen and Friends for Pets.


x1 Special Medicinal Recipes, A Medical Cannabis Cookbook shared from The Mother Earth Co-Op in a 3-ring hard cover binder and x1 book stand

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.

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