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Sprite Can Safe Secret Storage


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Sometimes you just need a safe place to hide your valuables. Somewhere that the average person won’t think to look. I already sell a dab rig in the shape of a can of coke so I decided to continue my soft drink can theme and add this Sprite Can Safe to my inventory. The uses are kind of limitless and I would say that as long as you can fit a product within then you can store that product inside this innovative storage device.

The Sprite Can Safe is exactly the same size (355ml) and shape as a standard can of soft drink thereby allowing you to place it within your fridge/kitchen/Esky/cupboard without it looking out of place. The Can Safe has been weighted so as to feel that each can is full. They are also made from old recycled soft drink cans and appear to be unopened so you may have to be diligent to stop anyone from wanting to drink it!

Inside you will find a hidden compartment where you can place your valuable items. The easy to use design allows you to access your valuables quickly when required, simply unscrew the top of your can.

TIP: For further discretion I recommend placing either cotton wool or a small mouldable sponge inside with your valuables to combat any possible rattling or movement inside.

To use: Unscrew the top lid and place your products within, as mentioned in the above tip secure the items within if they are able to move about. Replace the lid and place in a location where a soft drink would not look out of place.

To clean: A simple wipe down with a damp washcloth should keep your Can Safe looking clean. For hygiene purposes I would use an alcohol wipe regularly to keep germs at bay.

Contains: x1 Sprite Secret Storage Can Safe

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