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The absolute, hands down best part of my job is the constant sourcing of products that knock my socks off (metaphorically as I tend to wear heels!). It can be quite overwhelming (and I must be discerning) due to the influx of incredible innovation coming out of countries where herbal medicine is legally embraced!

This is how Stona came into my world. I saw their wares and was instantly smitten. 2 products are all they create, a grinder and a storage jar all kicking off when they launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2019. German design and German made. Beautiful design coupled with high functionality is their ultimate goal. I will let Stona have the last word themselves, “… our passion is to embody pure perfection in every grinder and accessory that we create.  An ideal paring of graceful engineering and work of art…..”


Germans are known for their precision engineering and Stona continues with this tradition. I tend to get excited when unboxing any of my new wares, but I was super excited about this arrival as I had only ever seen pictures until that point. I was not disappointed, not even slightly. If anything, I felt sad as it was obvious that I would be retiring my old grinder pretty soon! As the daughter of a carpenter, I can attest to the extreme beauty of the sustainably sourced wood used (Bavarian Cherry tree wood in this case) that has been finished with food safe oil. The mixture of wood, smoked glass and smooth dark aluminium is genius in my humble opinion.

Aesthetics aside let’s delve into the features. A 4-piece grinder that has no threading keeping it all together, with silicone seals used where needed. Magnets are used to keep the grinding plates in place. It may technically be more accurate to say that there are 5 parts to this grinder, with a second grind plate provided. Starting from the bottom up the following is included:

  • A wide and quite spacious mouth-blown smoked glass storage jar. Beautifully curved and interchangeable with Stonitos jars. Capacity of the jar is 80ml
  • Base of the grinder body, a wide wooden chamber with a stainless-steel grinding plate magnetised to its base. A silicone seal on the outside of the chamber allows for the glass jar to be effortlessly attached beneath.
  • Top of the grinder body, made entirely from wood. Excuse me for butchering the description but here goes. There are no teeth/blades in this grinder but a lattice pattern of sorts with small protruding wooden squares. Grinding occurs when these squares meet up with the grinding plates (standard side to side grinding motion).
  • Top lid and secret storage. The super smooth lid is made from Anodized grade-6 aluminium and it can be removed from the wooden top grinder portion. It is held in place by an FDA approved silicone seal and when removed reveals a secret air-sealed storage chamber. This is seriously cool and easily takes this grinder to the next level.
  • Magnetised to the inner base of the top lid is your second grind plate.

Measuring: 85mm in height and 80mm at its widest (lid)


Both plates provided are made entirely from full hard tempered magnetic stainless steel and each are designed to provide a different effect. The pre-installed plate reminds me of a honeycomb design with wide gaps that should provide you with a medium grind. The second plate which is hidden beneath the lid has smaller holes and will provide a finer grind. Incredible easy to swap over as each are held in place magnetically. Whichever you choose you can expect homogeneous and fluffy material each and every time.  


  • X1 Stona Large Herb Grinder
  • X2 Full hard tempered magnetic stainless tell grinding plates


  • Designed and made with love in Germany
  • Includes two stainless-steel grater plates || Fine & Medium
  • Best-in-class grind: fine, homogeneous & fluffy
  • Effortless grinding
  • Easy to load
  • Easy cleaning
  • Secret air-sealed storage chamber
  • Mouth-blown smoked glass
  • Sustainably sourced Cherry Tree wood
  • Anodised grade-6 aluminium
  • Hand-finished with food safe wood oil
  • Build your collection with the Stonitos jars
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