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The absolute, hands down best part of my job is the constant sourcing of products that knock my socks off (metaphorically as I tend to wear heels!). It can be quite overwhelming (and I must be discerning) due to the influx of incredible innovation coming out of countries where herbal medicine is legally embraced!

This is how Stona came into my world. I saw their wares and was instantly smitten. 2 products are all they create, a grinder and a storage jar all kicking off when they launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2019. German design and German made. Beautiful design coupled with high functionality is their ultimate goal. I will let Stona have the last word themselves, “… our passion is to embody pure perfection in every grinder and accessory that we create.  An ideal paring of graceful engineering and work of art…..”


Storing may not be very exciting but I would say it is quite indispensable if your desire is to maintain the purity/potency of your herbal material. And in my humble opinion there is no reason why that jar should be ugly!

Stona Jars are absolutely beautiful, precision engineered by the industrious Germans. As the daughter of a carpenter, I can attest to the extreme beauty of the sustainably sourced wood used (Bavarian Cherry tree wood in this case) that has been finished with food safe oil. The mixture of wood (lid) and smoked glass (base/jar) is genius in my humble opinion and matches their exquisite grinders.

TIP: All glass used in Stona products has been mouth blown by Master European Craftsmen using timeless methods.

Aesthetics aside let’s delve into the features. How many features can a jar actually have? Size wise this jar is on the shorter side and stands at 5cms with lid attached. The actual jar portion flares out and measures 8.5cms at its widest point. A wide and quite spacious mouth-blown smoked glass storage jar. Beautifully curved and interchangeable with Stonitos jars.

The lid is held in place via silicone seals. These seals work hard to keep all the odour contained within. Stona refers to this as “air sealing”. Remove the lid and you have a wide opening to easily access your product, and even the fattest fingers will be delighted. The glass base is identical to the one offered with the Stona Grinder (Stonitos Jar) and both are interchangeable. A lust worthy jar for those that like to display their wares.


X1 Stona Stonito Storage Jar with Cherry Wood Lid


  • Designed and made with love in Germany
  • Smooth and curved
  • 5cm tall
  • 8.5cms wide
  • Easy cleaning
  • Air-sealed storage chamber
  • Mouth-blown smoked glass
  • Sustainably sourced Cherry Tree wood
  • Hand-finished with food safe wood oil
  • Build your collection with the Stonitos jars
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