Storz and Bickel Easy Valve Replacement Set for Volcano 6 pack


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Only for use with the Volcano easy valve herb chamber that comes with the Digital or Classic Volcano Vaporiser.This Easy Valve Replacement Set serves two purposes. Use this set to replace your old, worn or missing mouthpieces or balloons. Or if you are feeling generous (or don’t like to share mouthpieces) share them around at gatherings to ensure all your friends get one!

Each of the 6 included balloons measures 2 feet (60cm) in length and are made from food safe, heat proof and odour free materials. Kind of what you would want from something you inhale on. The 6 included mouthpieces have also been designed to be comfortable to draw on and provide a virtually resistance free experience.

These are not cheap knock-off parts: our Volcano Vaporiser Easy Valve Replacement Set comes from Storz and Bickel and is made with the same outstanding quality you expect from all genuine Volcano products.

Contains – x6 Easy Valve balloons and 6 Easy Valve mouthpieces

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