Storz and Bickel Volcano Hybrid Dosing Capsule Adapter


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Storz and Bickel is quite easily the cream of the crop in the world of herbal vaping. State of the art, medicinal-grade equipment that requires no hyped-up marketing to spread the word. I will make a prediction and state that as long as I am working in this industry I will always stock products by the giant that is Storz and Bickel!


The Official Storz and Bickel Dosing Capsule Adapter is intended for the vaporization of little amounts of ground plant material. This adapter reduces the space within the Heating/Filling Chamber enabling the usage/insertion Dosing Capsules. Why use a Dosing Cap? Easier cleaning and the ability to control your dosage are 2 of the main reasons.

TIP: Can be used with the Volcano Hybrid, Volcano Medic 2 and Easy Valve.


  • x1 Dosing Capsule Adapter (approx. Ø 15 mm)
  • x2 Normal Screen, small with regular mesh width (approx. Ø 15 mm)
  • x1 Dosing Capsule


  • An entire Dosing Cap Adapter/Reducer. Heavy Duty Metal.
  • A single Dosing Cap is provided that fits into the above. Made from Aluminium
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