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Storz and Bickel a German Company, craft each Volcano from food safe and heat resistant materials using the latest manufacturing processes. Built to perform with little maintenance for years (except cleaning). Manufacturing takes place in a small town called Tuttlingen. You may not have ever heard of this town, but it is regarded internationally as the centre for medical technology. This is why the Volcano is considered a state-of-the-art unit that those in the know flock to.

The Digital Volcano Vaporiser comes complete with a 3-year warranty.

This is state of the art vaporising. The cream of the crop. The Volcano Vaporiser is considered by many to be the most technologically advanced vaporisers in the world creating some of the most flavoursome vapour on the market. A stylish and sleek desktop design that hides a range of advanced features. Full disclosure – I own the Original Digital unit (and now the hybrid too!) and absolutely love it. In the 5 years it has sat proudly in my home my biggest issue has been rips/holes that appear in the patented valve balloons. Not really an issue though as they are only designed to last between 1-3 months depending on usage (replacement set available).

TIP: The Volcano is primarily a dry herb vaporiser, but it can also be used for vaping oil/liquids when using a Stainless Steel Drip Pad (included in kit).


***This is a Limited Edition Version of the Volcano Hybrid with all the same features as the original Hybrid. The major difference is a luxury update – with a sleek matte black exterior, finished with a damage-resistant powder coating for maximum longevity.Strong and durable but it also looks amazing!***

The concept behind the original Volcano is simple – full hot air convection heating (The Hybrid uses dual heating – details coming below). The high-quality heating element works together with an air pump to create vapour which is blown into the patented valve balloon (the Hybrid ups the game with an included whip – more about that later) where it stays stored until you decide to inhale. The balloon detaches from the unit, so you are always safe as the vaporisation occurs beforehand and you need never come into contact with heat or electricity whilst inhaling.

This is the all new Hybrid model, a reinvention of an icon. As with the digital version there is a large and easy to read LCD screen at the front of the device. The control panels are integrated into the large display and you can select your precise temperature via the +/- touch sensors. The heat and air touch sensors are also integrated into the screen as opposed to the Digital Volcano where these are two separate buttons located beneath the display. These touch buttons will initiate the heating and vaporisation process when each is selected.

This really is a very easy vaporiser to use. The large screen and touch buttons are designed for ease of usage as this is a vaporiser that is used extensively by medical marijuana patients who may not have the ability to deal with a multitude of buttons and settings. Everything about the Volcano is on the larger side for those with an inability to handle smaller, more fiddly vaporisers.

Dimensions – 20cm x 18cm (7.9” x 7.1”) Weight = 1.8kg (4.0lb)


Considered to be one of Volcano’s greatest strength is the precision in which you can control and modify the temperature. Consistent each and every time. The Volcano is designed to heat material to temperatures of 130°C to 230°C where medically active vapours are produced, but below the threshold of combustion where smoke is formed. So efficient, the Volcano is said to be able to extract about 75% more active ingredients out of your plant matter than traditional methods (combustion etc;).

Whilst the original Digital Volcano heats via full convection the all new Hybrid uses a mixture of convection and conduction heating (I guess that is why they call it the Hybrid!). The 2 heating styles together provide more efficient heating, more thorough vaporisation and the flavour will be enhanced.

TIP: The Volcano Hybrid has a pretty quick heating process and will preheat within 40 seconds due to an improved double helix heat exchanger. The temperature will also be maintained for a period of time before starting to cool down to enable you to reuse it quickly if needed.


All existing Volcanos incorporate a filling chamber that you place your herbal material within for vaporisation to occur. The Hybrid comes with an all new filling chamber, a little different from the previous version. This new chamber will still work with existing easy valve balloons (so don’t throw out your old balloons) but will no longer work with the Storz and Bickel dosing capsules. In that case you will need a filling chamber reducer (optional extra). This chamber is a breeze to load and it comes apart for easy cleaning (removable screen).


A pretty exciting new feature is the ability to choose between 2 different inhalation methods. Storz and Bickel still provides the standard Valve Balloon that fans of the Volcano will know well but now you have the second option of inhaling directly from the heating chamber via a new rotatable (360°) tube system (whip). His tube attached directly to the filling chamber allowing you to vape as needed (without having to carry around a balloon) or to easily share with others. The end of the tube has an ergonomically designed mouthpiece for ease of inhalation.

TIP: Storz and Bickel Valve Balloons are interchangeable amongst all the different iterations of the Volcano Vaporiser.


Almost all of the Premium herbal vaporisers I currently sell have a customised App offered as an added option for further customisation. The Volcano has finally jumped on board and the Hybrid comes complete with a download app that allows you to connect via Bluetooth and adjust all settings remotely. The instruction manual and auto shut-off timer is also accessible via the App. The most interesting part of the App is that you are offered iterations and workflows and each sequence for both can be saved for further use.

  • Iterations will allow you to automatically increase the temperature by a certain amount of degrees over a certain period of time. A feature designed primarily for use with the whip.
  • Workflows are all about programming the fan and heat levels enabling you to heat to a predetermined temperature and then to hold that temperature for a set limit of time. The fan will then also blow for a set amount of time. A feature designed primarily for use with the balloon.

TIP: Due to a moral issue with vaping Apple has decided not to allow this App (and other vaping apps) to currently work on their devices. Android is still fine.


Unlike handheld vaporisers the Volcano plugs directly into a power point and never needs to be charged (plug is removable for easy travel). Power on by pressing the heat sensor and then use the up and down (+/-) pads located on either side of the digital display to choose your preferred temperature setting. Once selected you will see the numbers on the digital display increase till they reach your desired setting. Should take under a minute.

Balloon: Whilst heating I like to pack the included filling chamber with my ground up dry herb of choice. Pack well but not too tightly! Once packed and desired temperature reached you simply attach a balloon (remove top mouthpiece first) to the heating chamber and place the chamber on top of the Volcano exhaust vent (twist on to help hold it in the correct position). Once in place press the air sensor and watch your balloon magically fill up with vapour – remember not to overfill (don’t want it to pop). Once filled press the air sensor again and remove the balloon from the heating chamber, replace mouthpiece and press your lips down onto the mouthpiece to release the vapour. The valve will automatically close once you remove pressure from the mouthpiece keeping the unused vapour within the bag for your next inhalation. You do not have to fill a balloon entirely, only fill to your own desired usage and refill as needed.

TIP: Depending on your taste and preference a packed heating chamber can be utilised more than once so when your balloon is empty simply repeat the above steps. Repacking the heating chamber is very easy, you simply use a cleaning brush to sweep out the used/vaporised contents and repack. I find that when the heating chamber is still slightly warm (not hot as synthetic brushes can be damaged) the used herb is easier to remove.

Whip: Use exactly as above with the exception that instead of attaching a balloon you will be attaching the whip. Once temperature is reached it is time for you to inhale. For an increased hit you can press the air sensor to pump through a little more vapour.


  • x1 Volcano Digital unit
  • x1 Power Cord
  • x3 Easy Valve Balloons with mouthpiece
  • x1 Easy Valve Balloon with adapter
  • x1 Tube system (whip) with mouthpiece
  • x1 Filling Chamber (including x1 cap ring)
  • x1 Normal Screen Set (approx. Ø 30mm)
  • x1 Drip Pad Set (approx. Ø 28 x 4mm)
  • x1 Cleaning Brush
  • x1 Air Filter Set
  • x1 Grinder and instructions
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