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Storz and Bickel is quite easily the cream of the crop in the world of herbal vaping. State of the art, medicinal-grade equipment that requires no hyped-up marketing to spread the word. I will make a prediction and state that as long as I am working in this industry I will always stock products by the giant that is Storz and Bickel!


The Volcano Hybrid is the latest desktop version of the extremely popular Volcano. There aren’t many in this industry who have not come across the Volcano, easily a cult status herbal vaporiser. The Hybrid is a leap up from the prior model, the Digital Volcano with the inclusion of a whip (inhalation tube) – an all new way to use the Volcano. The heating chamber has also been revamped.

When you purchase a Volcano Hybrid all the necessary accessories to get you started will be supplied in the box but there may come a day when you need replacements or maybe you are super organised and like to keep accessories at multiple locations. Either way the Starter Set provides you with the most important accessories for the Hybrid, including Valve Balloons and the Whip/Tube for inhalation. Both the Easy Valve Balloons and the silicone tube are food-safe, heat-resistant and tasteless. The Easy Valve Balloon with Adapter is designed for reuse and individual attachment of a Balloon Tube, if you like to create your own sizes.

A full heating chamber is provided, along with replacement screens and a drip pad designed for use with concentrates/wax/thick oils. Basically everything bar herbal material and the Volcano base are provided.


  • x3 Easy Valve Balloon with Mouthpiece
  • x1 Easy Valve Balloon with Adapter
  • x1 Filling Chamber (including: 1 pc. Cap Ring, 1 pc. Normal Screen Set (approx. Ø 30 mm),
  • x1 Drip Pad (approx. Ø 28 x 4 mm)
  • x1 Cleaning Brush
  • x1 Whip/Tube Kit


  • Authentic Storz and Bickel Accessories
  • Food Safe
  • Heat Resistant
  • Full Replacement Kit
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