Storz and Bickel Swivel Mouthpiece Set (Pack of 4)


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Storz and Bickel is quite easily the cream of the crop in the world of herbal vaping. State of the art, medicinal-grade equipment that requires no hyped-up marketing to spread the word. I will make a prediction and state that as long as I am working in this industry I will always stock products by the giant that is Storz and Bickel!


These mouthpieces are designed to be a replacement for the original mouthpiece that is provided when a Crafty/+ or Mighty/+ is purchased. This mouthpiece sits upon the cooling unit and swivels around for ease of use. I would recommend keeping your original mouthpiece clean as often as possible but the day may arrive when you would like a new one. This pack will provide you with not just 1 but 4 of these mouthpieces. Possibly overkill but at least you will only ever need to buy one pack!

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x4 Official Storz and Bickel Swivel Mouthpiece Set

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