Striko 3″ Glass Pop Top Storage Jars – Assorted designs


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Who doesn’t love storage? Well, I do at least. There is something very satisfying about stowing away all your herbal materials in a safe and secure manner. I like to go a little nuts and line up all my jars/containers in a nice neat row with each jar nicely labelled. It kind of helps too when the jars have a little something special about them.


When considering storage for your herbal materials you should factor in a few things. Size required, type of lid, glass or plastic and whether you want to see inside. Glass will always be my number one choice for at home storage (plastic is good for travel). Size is up to the individual but if you have large amounts, I recommend keeping the bulk of your herb stored away in a dry dark place (C Vault is very strongly recommended with a Boveda pack inside) and then decanting your needs into a smaller storage jar for daily/weekly usage. As for lids, I would go for one that helps keep odours at bay by creating an airtight seal.

Striko Jars are an affordable and stylish ways to store your herb and each can hold up to 1/8th of herbal material. Made entire from some pretty thick glass with an assortment of 420 designs on each. The base is thickened for stability. The lid is of the pop-top variety with a thick wad of silicone at the base of the lid to keep your odours hidden within by making it airtight. Each lid has a very colourful psychedelic design upon the top, making each jar unique.

Measuring: 7.5cms tall (with lid) and 6cms wide (widest point)


x1 Striko Glass Pop Top Storage Jar with psychedelic printed lid (not on side of jar as in photo). Sadly we cannot offer any options of artwork and will send whatever is available


  • Pop Top Lid
  • Thick and durable glass
  • Airtight
  • Holds up to 1/8th of herbal material
  • Psychedelic designed lid
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