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Oooh I was so very excited when I first opened the box for the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah. All my staff were as we stood in silent awe around my desk! I wanted this brand in my store quite a while ago when I first saw their concept video. I love a brand that tries to put a new twist on an old idea. Over the years I have personally witnessed many a homemade gravity bong with a variety of interesting results. In these cases, 2 plastic modified bottles (one larger than the other) are used to funnel the smoke through water via gravity. Resulting in a particularily intense experience.

Stüdenglass is a new brand in the 420 landscape and the Gravity Hookah is their one and only product (as of now, of course) and I would be quite proud if I were them. An exceptional smoking experience is their manifesto using forward thinking functionality, precision craftsmanship and remarkable design to achieve it.

This device works via a 360° gravity powered world-first system. This contactless hookah uses kinetic motion activation, cascading water as well as opposing airflow to achieve its magic. So special that Stündenglass have patented their design. The premise is very simple, by spinning the device the water and smoke swap places by passing through each other to the other glass chamber. This motion will activate a steady stream of smoke for the entire use.

TIP: A patented design covered by an extended 10-year warranty, but you will have to register your purchase with Stündenglass direct.


Oh, where do I start?! First of all, this unit is gorgeous a stunning piece of design that will look amazing wherever you display it. This is not a piece that you will want to hide! A high-quality device with a multitude of (removable) parts and I will probably butcher some of the descriptions! This unit is made from aluminium and glass. A large round stand keeps the entire device upright, enabling the hookah to be spun safely. You can swivel the entire glass portion round and round as many times as you like and in any direction. Both very spacious glass jars are made from heavy duty borosilicate glass and both are easy to remove for cleaning. There is an upstem (percolator within) located in each glass jar.

TIP: For a more intense and faster experience remove the inner percolator from inside one of the upstems (or both if you dare!). Reinstall the upstem in place before using.

To one side you will find the 3-foot-long silicone hose (with hookah wand attached), basically a really really long straw for you to inhale from with a detachable glass portion at the very end. You can also swivel the hose around to your perfect position and it can be used contactless if you desire (no need to place your lips upon any surface). The hose also juts out to the side at a 45°angle. I like holding this hose it feels like I am holding a microphone! Each time you fully rotate the glass your smoke will steadily pour out from the unit, if you would like to pause the smoke simply rotate only half way.

TIP: You need not attach the hose if you wish to use the unit contactless. Simply jut out the mouthpiece and place your lips near the opening and inhale.

The other side of the hookah is where you attach either the flower or the hookah bowl. Both bowls are very high quality and enable you to smoke in a variety of ways. More on these below. Maybe you want to use your own herbal vaporiser, well you are in luck as you can easily connect any vape that has a 14mm male connection joint.

Lastly, the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah comes in a very useful foam lined carry case with handles. A must as I am pretty sure that you will want to transport this crazy cool unit to at least one of your friend’s houses!


Sometimes you want a hookah and other times you want a bong and now you have both. All that is needed is a simple swap out of either bowl. The glass bowl is made from very thick borosilicate glass and will hold a moderate amount of herb. The bowl is a 14mm male connection has a frosted port and a little handle to slide it in and out effortlessly.

The hookah bowl is a little more elaborate with 3 parts to put together. The coal tray, male to male hookah bowl adapter and the hookah bowl all fit together to sit in place ready for use. The actual hookah bowl is made from aluminium and comes in 2 parts (base and grated top lid). For those of you unaware a hookah is generally used to smoke flavoured tobacco mixtures. Gravity is not a feature in a standard hookah making this a very unique device.

TIP: Use the male to male connector if you want to attach your herbal vaporiser to the hookah. Vaporiser will need to be compatible with a 14mm connection.


So last night I took the hookah home to put it all together. I will be honest I was daunted at first as there are so many parts within the box. It felt like an Ikea nightmare until I realised that they were all spare parts, and the majority of the hookah was already put together. If I wasn’t impressed already, then I definitely was at that point. Who else does that??


  • X1 Stündenglass Gravity Hookah
  • x2 Borosilicate Glass globes (jars)
  • X1 Borosilicate Glass Flower Bowl
  • X1 Aluminium Hookah Bowl (lid and base)
  • X1 Male to Male Hookah Bowl Adapter (14mm)
  • X1 Coal Tray
  • X1 Hookah Wand
  • X1 3 Foot Silicone Hose
  • X1 Instruction leaflet
  • X1 Bag of a multitude of spare parts
  • X1 Sheet of Stickers


  • Patented 360° Gravity System
  • Kinetic motion
  • Cascading water
  • Opposing airflow
  • 10-year warranty (register with Stündenglass direct)
  • Dual use
  • Hookah attachement
  • Long hose or contactless inhaling
  • 14mm male connection
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