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Frequent visitors to my store and/or site may have noticed that I sell a few products manufactured by Honey Stick. Honey Stick is a lifestyle brand that combines the features of high tech, high performance, dependability and affordability when it comes to upper tier vaporisers. Honey Stick brand vaporisers combine cutting edge technology, world class performance and stealth concealment. Each of their products have been engineered to bring an unparalleled experience to the vaping of concentrates and essential oils.Introducing the Sub Ohm Mod Kit, a revolutionary vaporiser designed to be used with oils as well as e liquids. Easily converts CO2 Extracts, Essential Oils (including CBD and THC – where legally available of course!) and/or e-liquids into an inhalable vapour. So versatile that according to Honey Stick’s own review, if you can get your oil/concentrate/e liquid into a syringe (even if it needs to be heated first) then the Sub Ohm Mod Kit will vape it! In fact, it is considered to be one of the most powerful/flavourful ways to vape waxes on the market today.

The Sub Ohm Tank is quite deceptive, it can easily masquerade as a standard run of the mill mod box that is usually used exclusively for e liquids, allowing for discretion if that’s your thing. Or maybe you just like the idea of hard-working tank that can cross over a variety of vaping mediums. Either way this is an award-winning tank that really delivers. Starting at the top, the Sub Ohm Tank comes with a wide-bore mouthpiece with a mesh safety screen designed to protect your lips from accidentally spitting thick oils. The mouthpiece is completely removeable – unscrew to fill.

Sitting beneath the mouthpiece are the 2 slots for variable airflow control, allowing you to adjust how much air enters the tank and to adjust the intensity of your hits. Unlike a lot of other tanks these slots are not located on the base to prevent leakage. For added protection it is also recommended that you close the air holes when filling your tank. Closed air holes also allow your oils to sink down to the base of the tank for even filling. The holding capacity of this tank is 2ml.

The Honey Stick Sub Ohm Kit utilises a new Porous Ceramic Wicking System with an integrated (replaceable) organic cotton coil designed to provide intense vapour and incredible taste. Speaking of taste this is a unit for those of you who highly value flavour. Many wax/concentrates vaporisers on the market today can leave behind a slightly burnt or charred taste, impacting on your overall experience. Not so with this elegant unit.

Ohm capacity range of 0.3Ω – 3.0Ω and powered by a built-in 2600mAh 20A Battery, easily charged via the included Micro USB Cable. The wattage range is 5w – 36w with a variable voltage range of 2v – 8v. Wattage can be easily adjusted via the +/- button located just below the OLED Digital display screen on the side of the unit. The screen will show you wattage, voltage, resistance, vaping time, battery and charging levels.

The following feature is quite amazing and probably the main reason why I want one of these units! The Honey Stick Sub Ohm Tank can essentially be used as a “blender” of sorts. Basically, you can use more than one substance within the tank at the same time. You can place your thick non-runny concentrate directly onto the ceramic coil whilst filling the tank as normal with e liquid/runny oils/terpenes. This will slow “cook” your concentrate releasing the vapour directly into the central chimney whilst the other section of the heating element draws in the liquids to give you an ideal mix. Very cool huh?

This is a powerful device but also a safe one with inbuilt overcharge, low wattage and short circuit protections.

To use: Usage depends on exactly what you are wanting to vape. Thicker oils may require more preparation that standard e liquids as explained below..

  • To vape e liquids/runny oils – No priming is required for thinner fluids. Unscrew the top mouthpiece and set aside. Carefully, with either a syringe or needle nosed dispensing bottle, inject your liquid into the tank (not into the central round hole!). It is highly recommended to close the airholes whilst filling. Dispense slowly and wait if the liquid doesn’t settle evenly before continuing. Even though priming is not required it is recommended that you set the tank aside for 10-20 minutes when using a new coil/tank to ensure the best experience. Conversely you can skip the waiting time by using the included primer (see below for use).
  • To vape thicker oils/concentrates – Thicker mediums require you to prime your coil before first use or if you have not used the tank for an extended period of time. Simply drip a few drops of the included 70/30 PG/VG primer down the centre hole of the tank (the same hole that I usually recommend you don’t fill through!), this allows the primer to drip directly onto the coil. You can then also now fill your tank (not through the central hole!). If the oil is extremely thick and doesn’t flow you can utilise a lighter (from a distance) to apply slight heat to the glass portion of the tank, just enough to make the oil flow easier to evenly distribute it on the heating coil’s openings. Once filled, set the tank aside, keeping the tank upright for a short period of time giving the oil a chance to flatten out. Finally, you simply need to fire up your mod (x5 clicks)- push and hold fire button for 4-5 seconds to burn off the primer.

Your tank is full – what now? X5 Clicks of the power button will turn on your device (and off). You will see the Honey Stick logo appear on screen. When new to this unit it is recommended that you stage you coil to determine your preference. This basically means that you first start at a low wattage (e.g. – 9w) and work your way up. Push and hold fire button while you inhale. Then increase the wattage (15w) and try again. Continue this process till you determine what your sweet spot is. You can also adjust the airflow to determine your favourite settings.

Changing settings – With the unit powered on, press the fire button 3 times to toggle between voltage and wattage modes. First 3 presses for wattage and another 3 to access voltage. When in the desired mode press the +/- buttons to adjust wattage (up to 36w) or voltage (2v – 8v) levels. To lock/unlock your settings press and hold the + and power button for 3 seconds. Please be cautious with voltage as high levels may result in a burnt taste or damage to the unit.

Note: If your device tells you “check atomiser” or “atomiser short” this usually denotes a burnt-out coil – either from excessive usage or the coil has naturally reached the end of its life span (new coils available in packs of 5). Other signs that it is time to change your coil; hard to pull, takes too long to heat or if you no longer get large hits.

Contains: x1 Honey Stick Sub Ohm 0.3Ω, x1 Honey Stick Smart Mod 36w, x1 Micro USB Charging Cable, x1 30ml 70/30 PG/VG Coil Primer and x1 Neck lanyard.