Swap Perc 10″ 38mm Etched Mini Beaker with Ice Restriction


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Swap Perc who are you? I wish I could find more information to elucidate you but alas I am stumped. Brand research is something I like to do, looking passed slick PR to find the true ethos beneath. Saying that I am not here to judge the hard work of others but just like to support like-minded individuals that works above and beyond to further this magnificent industry. Why did I overlook research this time? I was so drawn to this adorable little beaker straight up so took the risk.


A Mini Beaker-Style of Water Pipe. Beaker Water Pipes are similar to Laboratory beakers (hence the name) and they tend to all share similar traits. A flat base, large water chamber and a long neck. A hallmark of Beakers is the long neck, proving an increased pathway for smoke to travel through. At the base of the neck there is a dramatic narrow and some options may also include an ice pinch. A large water chamber coupled with an elongated neck enables deeper (and more intense) inhalation.

TIP: Top level, heat-resistant Borosilicate Glass has been used to craft this piece.

Termed mini but I see it more as “medium” in size. Almost 26cms (10”) tall from base to reinforced mouthpiece. The base is super flat with a Swap Perc Logo etched into the base. There is etching all over this piece and it is very tactile. Etched polka dots sit around the perimeter of the base as well as along the entire neck portion. A 3-prong ice pinch enables the addition of ice chunks. Why add frozen water? For a more comfortable (less coughing) and smoother experience. Or maybe just for the fun of it!

A down stem and flower bowl are provided (each 14mm in size). Both are removable. The down stem is pretty fancy and is almost completely frosted (externally) with Swap Perc etched amongst the frosting. A multi-slit diffusion down stem with 6 parallel slits (3 per side) at the end. This style of percolator breaks down a large smoke bubble into a multitude of smaller ones to more effectively smooth out and filter the smoke. The rather roomy flower bowl is completely frosted, with a logo on the chunky disc handle.

  • Downstem – 13cms in length, 14mm female connector joint
  • Flower bowl – large capacity, 14mm male connector joint

Lastly, at the very top is a very flat and very thick reinforced platform to rest your lips upon. Beakers tend to have wide openings for smoke to pass easily through, as does this Mini Beaker.


  • x1 Swap Perc 10” 38mm Etched Mini Beaker with Ice Pinch
  • x1 Frosted Diffusion Down stem (14mm female connection)
  • x1 Frosted Flower Bowl (14mm male connection)


  • Size: Almost 26cms/10”
  • Made from Borosilicate Glass 38mm tubing
  • Etched design
  • Swap Perc logo/artwork on base and down stem
  • Heavy Duty glass
  • Heat Resistant glass
  • 3-prong Ice Pinch
  • Reinforced flat mouthpiece
  • Frosted removable down stem
  • Frosted removable flower bowl + handle
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