Tasty Puff OG Kush flavoured Wrap Glue 12ml


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A quick glance of the Tasty Puff website shows that they are primarily an e juice/drip juice brand, but I was initially drawn to their range of edible flavoured wrap glues. There are 8 flavours (including flavourless) in their range. I tend to initially only order 1 or 2 options/flavours of any new product to gauge its use and I decided to go with a well-known classic flavour (OG Kush) to start. I will be adding more flavours in time. This glue will provide a burst of extra flavour – OG Kush to be exact!

So, what is wrap glue anyway? Technically you can use this food-grade, flavoured edible product in 2 different ways. Its main use is in providing a flavoured adhesive for your pre-rolled smoking blends. Not all rolling papers provide adequate adhesion and may require a little helping hand to seal the paper from end to end. Some tobacco-based blunts (not something I recommend as they contain nicotine – just a personal thing) do not have any adhesive added at all requiring you to provide your own.

A secondary use of wrap glue is the ability to use it on the outside of your pre-rolled creation to turn it into a masterpiece. Use sparingly to affix other “smokeable” substances (keif etc) to the paper. This is advanced rolling for true connoisseurs!

To use: Depending on size of your papers/blunts/levels of adhesion add 1-4 drops to the edges of your paper and distribute evenly as needed. Roll and wrap as per usual (no need to lick the glue!). If using externally I recommend using the smallest amount possible only where needed (don’t spread across the entire exterior – excessive and unnecessary) and then sprinkle your substance along the glue. Allow to dry and light when ready.

Contains: x1 12ml Plastic dropper bottle containing OG Kush flavoured Tasty Puff edible wrap glue.


  • Edible
  • Food grade
  • Adhesive
  • Flavoured – OG Kush
  • 12ml
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