Tectonic9 Auto Dispensing Grinder by Cloudious9


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I should change the name of my store to We are Grinders with the amount of new grinders that I keep bringing in. I keep saying that I will hold off for a while but then a new grinder sparks my interest and what am I to do then?? So now you know the story of the Tectonic9 Grinder by the ever creative folk from Cloudious9. Even the name sounds like a serious device that I must have!

I have been stocking the Hydrology9 Dry Herb Water Filtration Bubbler Vaporiser for a little while, a highly innovative vape that allows you to add water to the internal pathway (and not just an add on feature as with other vapes, but the whole premise of their design) to enhance your experience. Cloudious9 seems to have been a little busy lately as they have just added a few new products to their line, with the Tectonic9 being their flagship grinder.

So, you may be thinking you’ve seen one grinder then you have seen them all. Not true as not all grinders are created equal! Connoisseurs look for a heavy duty, durable device that factors in small details such as threading versus magnets. Teeth/shredding blades are also an integral part of the quality of your grind and should not be overlooked, particularly if you only want to buy 1 grinder in your life. I have very much enjoyed playing around with this grinder the last few days.

With a body made from Space Grade anodized aluminium alloy, the Tectonic9 is technically a standard grinder on top. A magnetised lid (pretty strong magnet at that) pulls off to expose 28 CNC manufactured diamond teeth to provide the perfect “fluffy” grind. The next part is where this grinder stands on its own. A built-in vibrational motor moves your material through the flip spout with accuracy to help the loading process. The patent-pending internal structure is designed to evenly distribute your material prior to dispensing, helping alleviate any clogs or jams that could happen. Probably my most favourite part of this grinder would have to be the viewing window and light that allows you to see inside. I kind of am a big fan of the whole spout system that they have going on too. This is a very easy grinder to use that allows you greater precision when dispensing your material.

To use: Pull off the magnetised lid and place your hand shredded herbal material within the teeth. Replace the lid and then rotate the lid from side to side, allowing the teeth to perform their magic. You should notice (via the viewing window) your ground up material accumulating with the storage portion of the grinder. Once done you are left with 2 options. You can either use your grinder for storage till your herb is needed or you can dispense straight away.

To dispense you will need to place the spout into place. When not in use the spout stays neatly tucked away in the base. Slide open the dispensing gate and flip up the spout, so it sits over the exposed hole. Press the button located on the side of the unit to activate the vibrational motor and light within. Make sure you direct the spout over a bowl, rolling paper, tray or whatever for precise placement. Press the button again when done.

To clean: Grinders need to be cleaned regularly to keep them functioning optimally. The teeth can get gunked up with resin/oil as can any threading. I would also pay attention to the spout. You can use either Isopropyl Alcohol (plus cotton swabs and polishing cloth) or a dedicated Grinder Cleaner (Cali Clean does a good one). Cleaning your grinder regularly will also shorten the amount of time you need to dedicate to keeping your grinder in tip top condition.

Contains: x1 Tectonic9 Auto Dispensing Grinder, x1 Charging Cable, x1 User Manual and x1 Charging bag


  • Auto Dispensing Grinder
  • 28 CNC manufactured diamond shaped grinding teeth
  • Space Grade anodized aluminium alloy body
  • In-built vibrational motor
  • Viewing window
  • Internal LED Light
  • Slideable dispensing gate
  • Foldaway spout
  • Textured grinding grip
  • One button interface
  • Grey in colour
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