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Teslacigs Mini Duo CBD/Wax 500mAh Herbal Vaporiser Kit


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The most asked question that I get in-store is how one can effectively vape CBD oil. Unfortunately, as of writing this review full spectrum CBD (non-hemp derived) is still considered to be illegal in Australia and any advice I give is geared towards usage within countries that have made CBD products legal.

The Teslacigs Mini Duo is an incredibly small (33.8 x 17.2 x 49.5mm), lightweight (100g) and stealthy thick oil/wax vaporiser. Unless you have extraordinarily small hands you should be able to use your vape without being noticed with only the visible vapour giving you away. An incredibly easy to use device that allows you to effortlessly swap between the 2 available cartridges depending on your vape preference.   

Consisting of the Mini Duo Mod powered by an internal 500mAh battery which you charge via the included USB Cable. Don’t let the tiny size of this mod fool you as it comes complete with a preheat function as well as three level variable voltage adjustment.

  • 4V – Purple light
  • 7V – Blue light
  • 2V – Red light

TIP: You may vape and charge this unit simultaneously. A very rare feature in the vape world!

This particular kit included x2 0.5ml cartridges, one optimised for thick oils and the other for waxy concentrates. These cartridges are refillable to a certain point and will then need to be discarded and replaced. Each cartridge is held in place via a unique magnetic connector.

CBD/Thick oils Cartridge 2.0Ω – Ceramic coil + Ceramic mouthpiece
Waxy Concentrates Cartridge 1.0Ω – Dual Quartz rod coil

TIP: You may use other 510 compatible cartridges within the Mini Duo Mod. Please take care with the magnetic connector as it can be used on all 510 threaded cartridges. I would also double check the diameter of any new cartridges used to ensure that they fit.

To use: Fully charge your Mini Duo. Decide which cartridge you would like to use and then pre-fill. Whichever one you choose will need to have the magnetic connector attached.

CBD/Thick oil Cartridge – Unscrew the ceramic mouthpiece and fill slowly. Reattach the mouthpiece. Screw on the magnetic connector and place the cartridge into the mod. The magnet will hold the cartridge in place.

Wax/Concentrates Cartridge – Unscrew the mouthpiece. If you look down into the cartridge you will see the dual quartz rod coil, this is where you should place your wax. Dab a small amount of concentrate (use the included loading tool) upon the coil. For more direct access you can also remove the glass portion. Reattach the glass and/or mouthpiece. Screw on the magnetic connector and place the cartridge into the mod. The magnet will hold the cartridge in place.

X5 clicks will turn your Mini Duo on as well as off. You may now choose the appropriate voltage for your product. For oils I would recommend a lower wattage whilst wax usually requires a higher wattage to effectively vape. If a pre-heat is required ( for example if the oil/wax is too thick) then simply press the button 2 times.

TIP: Whist preheating your vape will flash for 15 seconds. You can stop this at any point by pressing the button once.

To clean: A fairly easy unit to clean. The cartridges are refillable but ultimately disposable thereby I would only give the mouthpieces a quick wipe down with Isopropyl Alcohol. As for the mod itself, I would also wipe it down occasionally to keep it looking good!

Contains – x1 Mini Duo mod, USB charger, Magnetic adapter, x1 oil cartridge, x1 wax cartridge and x1 packing tool


  • Variable voltage: 3.4v/3.7v/4.2v
  • Battery capacity: 500mAh
  • Atomiser thread: 510
  • Tank capacity: 0.5ml
  • CBD tank coil: 2.0ohm ceramic coil
  • Wax tank coil: 1.0ohm quartz rod
  • Size 33.8 x 17.2 x 49.5mm
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